Why an Understanding of the Simulation Matters

Describing our Earthly reality as a “simulation” does not mean that it is not “real”. Rather, it means there is something beyond the simulation that is more real. Correspondingly, we are “real” beings within the simulation. But there is more of who you are beyond the simulation. You are inside something. Something created. Deliberately created – with an obvious purposiveness to it all.

Is it an option to just play out the simulation without having a clue about what it is or how it works or the why of it? Plainly so; that is what most humans do. The trick to the simulation, though, is that it is premised on illusion. It isn’t what it seems to be, and it doesn’t quite work the way it appears to work. Causation appears to be mechanical, but is primarily resonant. Accordingly, if one simply buys into the illusion and muddles along, there will almost certainly be more bumps and bruises along that road. And, without awareness, you won’t find the joy and wonder and awe and the delight of it all.

There is nothing wrong with getting caught up in (i.e., fooled by) the simulation. That is its design. Eventually, though, we all climb out of that. The next stage of the adventure – think of the “Next Level” of “Earth Game” – requires gaining some understanding of the simulation.

The early wins from catching a glimpse beyond the illusions of the simulation are in the realm of “How”, i.e., how it actually works. Beyond being caught up in the “Maya” (i.e., illusion), you can gain understanding of how causation actually works. In doing so, you can develop an adeptness in creating a reality that brings you joy. Along the way, you can begin to see how it is that longstanding problems within one’s reality are surprisingly resistant to solutions forged with tools built out of Maya. The mind-numbing (and ultimately paralyzing) complexities of trying to move matter (and people) begin to give way to an elegant simplicity. The “Quantum signal” that you are emitting from moment to moment (see my recent article “Quantum Living, Simplified”) emerges as the one essential tool you need to navigate the simulation with an uncommon elegance and ease. The vagaries of life – the problems, the challenges, even the sorrows – begin to take on a different texture; no longer so heavy.

Beyond the How, though, things get even more interesting; beyond the How is the Why. Someone put a whole lot of work into designing and building the simulation in which we find ourselves. Why? I have written in another article (see “Involution, Evolution, and Delight”) about the Why of creation, as it might appear from the perspective of the creator. But, let’s revisit that here from our Earthly perspective.

In our Earthly living, a simulation can be a practice facility. Think for instance of a flight simulator, or any other simulation where you learn a skill before you apply it in the “real world”. But, that is not what “Earth Game” is. No, our adventures here appear to be an end in themselves; they are not somehow preparation for playing out the same adventures on a “more real” playing field.

The other use of a simulation that we commonly employ is for play, entertainment, and recreation, perhaps combined with exploration, adventure, and learning. In effect, a “game”. This is why I think of our reality in terms of “Earth Game”.

If you can think of your life in terms of a game, your mindset inevitably begins to transform. First, you can lighten up a bit, relax, breathe; be present. From there, you can be in awe of the game. The staggeringly complex design of this reality, if contemplated (whether in terms of cosmological constants or the beauty of nature, or whatever), leads inexorably to a state of perpetual wonder. And, in its wake, joy. Also delight, as you realize you are on a beautiful extended journey homeward.

Such a mindset is worlds away from the morass that a mispurposed ego (see my article “Repurposing Ego”) will inevitably lead you into. Endlessly fussing the details of how to earn love and gain recognition, while you agonize over both the past and the future; not at all a recipe for a joyride. Instead, just play the game. In the eternal now. Relishing every moment.

As you begin to shift your mindset, do contemplate who the designer of the game was. Realize that you are part of that designer. You are playing a brilliant game of your own design. In your current round of Earth Game, you are on an adventure of your own making and your own design. Treat it as a game, a mystery to be explored. From that place of beautiful freedom, you can do whatever you came to do in this particular lifetime.

Coming back to the question of whether you have to see the simulation that is Earth Game for what it is, the answer remains a clear no. Unless, that is, you think you might be ready for the “Next Level” of Earth Game. That adventure, with its enhanced gaming experience and more rewards than you can presently imagine, begins beyond the fog of illusion. Are you ready to make the jump?