Why All the (Extra-terrestrial) Fuss About Earth?

We Earthlings are not alone in the Universe. By many accounts, our galaxy teems with sentient life. Fading in credibility is the almost-silly notion that life exists only on Earth, and that the starscape we see in the night sky is akin to decorations on the ceiling of a child’s bedroom. As our (physical) measuring devices grow sharper, even our scientists are arriving at a “duh” moment, i.e., a realization that a myriad of planets are out there that could potentially support some kind of life-as-we-know-it. Our own galaxy – the “Milky Way Galaxy” – is currently estimated to contain at least 100 – 400 billion planets. The argument for Earth as a one-off cosmic fluke in a sea of meaninglessness grows weaker by the day.

Besides, by many accounts, beings “out there” are talking to us. All kinds of people seem to be channeling someone these days. Often, the source is some sort of “Galactic” council or high something or other. Sirians, Pleiadeans, Arcturans, angelic realms, Ascended Masters; one almost needs a program to sort it all out.

This is not an entirely new thing. Lots of visitation here – going way back. And not just visitation; our more ancient history has ample evidence of participation by extra-terrestrials in the early development of humans on Earth. Pyramids were not built solely by the locals; that is a given. Long before that, the curious (and unique in the animal kingdom) splicing together of two chromosomes seems to have been a deliberate act by someone. I won’t attempt to catalogue here the evidence for extra-terrestrial (“ET”) involvement in the early human story on Earth. Others have made that case so thoroughly that I regard it as a given. (See, for instance, the writings of Gregg Braden and Lyssa Royal-Holt, among others, and the teachings of Kryon, channeled by Lee Carrol, and Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka.)

And yet, in the current era, the “Prime Directive” appears to be holding sway: leave the Earthlings (mostly) alone. You can talk to the Earthlings, but only if they invite you in. A tap on the shoulder seems to be allowed; many among us have received a wake-up call that proved impossible to resist. But clearly there is something we are about here on Earth that other civilizations are not to unduly interfere with. Something important, I would infer from the amount of interest presently being focused our way.

The story goes way back. Pleiades. Sirius. Orion. Vega. Lyra. For a history, I suggest The Golden Lake, written/channeled by Lyssa Royal-Holt. I found it a mind-blowing chronicle. I wondered to myself, is this all true? I suppose the answer to my question is that I read the book three times; I can’t think of any other book I have read three times. If you are curious about the history of our Galaxy (aka the “Milky Way Galaxy”) up till now – and how our Earth story may fit into that history – I cannot think of a better place to start.

One might think that our relatively primitive (and occasionally downright barbaric) state would be a turn-off – that more evolved extra-terrestrials would avoid us like the plague. Or, at least avoid us the way high-school students might shun middle-school students. But no.

Is there some sort of higher-realms’ community service requirement, or could it be that participation in an Earth “help-line” is mandatory for some sort of extra-terrestrial post-graduate work? No, there doesn’t seem to be any element of “Okay, if we have to, we will talk to the slow-learner Earthlings. They genuinely seem eager to engage with us.

Nor are they here to prank us or toy with us. No, the feeling of channeled communications is universally caring and compassionate. They truly do seem to care about our well-being. Even though there is much about the current state of humanity on Earth that would lend itself to negative judgment, they do not do that. They seem to understand exactly where we are at. Because, I gather, they have all been there, done that. And they want to help us through the passages that they universally found difficult but eventually made their way through. And for whatever reason, it seems they would like to see us do so with a greater elegance and ease than they were able to manage. My goodness, they are cheering for us. They are coaches, and they are fans.

I am not thinking of any one particular channeled source in relation to the above observations. The common themes, and the common feel, jump out. They are all somehow on the same page. Different perspectives on that page, naturally. But if one could somehow map out all the channeled messages from all of the channeled sources, they are the opposite of “all over the map”. Hmmm, says my logical brain. Surely if people were just making stuff up, wouldn’t the messaging be widely divergent and chock-full of contradictions? I’m pretty sure there is no Secret Register of Greedy Scam Channelers where one can go to make sure that one’s proposed public fabrications are in line with the general conspiracy to defraud the paying public. No, it’s not like that at all.

So, whether you are at “balance of probabilities” or, as I am, past the threshold of “beyond a reasonable doubt”, I suggest we proceed on the assumption that there is a whole lot of communication presently coming in to us from beyond our planet. I suggest that assumption so that we can get on with the more interesting question: Why? Why are these more-evolved beings so interested in our current progress?

Well, there is the aspect that, by so many accounts, we are at a shift point. A 13,000 year cycle of “breathing out” drew to an end (in 2012), and we have embarked upon a 13,000 year cycle of “breathing in”. Earth has “made the cut”; i.e., we are not going to go through the abject failure of blowing ourselves up. The deck is now stacked in our favor. And we are well into the 36 year period (centered in 2012) where the shift was destined to happen, i.e., if we survived. Whether one describes it in terms of moving from “third density” to “fourth density” or from a reality limited to four dimensions to one where a fifth dimension (and beyond) would become accessible to us, shift happens; i.e., will happen, is happening. In terms of “Earth Game”, it seems the “next level” of the game is now broadly available for download.

Apart from ETs being as keen to watch “shift happens” as some among us are about watching royal weddings and the like, there may be another factor at play here. Pleiadeans and Sirians (among others) were more than spectators in the early days of “Earth Game”. They may reasonably feel invested in the outcome.

In The Prism of Lyra (an earlier book co-authored by Lyssa Royal-Holt, mentioned above), it is suggested that ETs collectively grappled with an early decision regarding the course humanity would face on the late-to-develop (relative to other planets in our Galaxy) planet Earth. Would we be left alone to repeat the difficulties experienced elsewhere as density and polarity were navigated? Or would we be assiduously sheltered, protected somehow from the darkness that inevitably becomes part of the polarity experience? In biblical terms, would we be left to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Well, we know how that story played out; the serpent prevailed. That is, free will was left to play out. And now, here we are, making our way out of the darkness that inevitably descended. I surmise that those who argued for free will (including the Sirians, ostensibly – whose symbology seems to be big on “serpent”) have been among the most determined to help us navigate that passage. We were left to the vagaries of free will, but we have never been abandoned, and certainly never forgotten. And now, this is their “Lafayette, we are here” moment; the star-beings have returned to help us make the spectacular climb out of density and into a lighter state of being. (Yes, I realize the Lafayette metaphor doesn’t quite fit, but the feeling is a match; in each case, a sense of long-held obligation culminates in compassionate action.) They may feel that they got us into this (by not protecting us from the rigors of involution and evolution in the first instance), and they are going to help us through it.

So, if we are at some sort of shift point, when does that happen, and how long does the shift take? Well, it is happening now, albeit on a one-by-one level. As for when the shift begins to spill from a relatively small vanguard (roughly 1/2 of 1% of us are “Old Souls”, according to Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carroll) to the next tranche of the mass consciousness (I’m thinking 10%, for whatever reason), no way to know. But it feels somehow imminent. The next two or three or five years feel somehow “big” to me in that regard.

How long until some sort of “big reveal”? That probably depends on us. I can’t see an overt revealing happening until we have safely moved beyond material risk of an extremely untoward (i.e., hostile) response. Besides, the “Prime Directive” (mentioned above) would seem to preclude ETs riding in to, in effect, do it for us. No, this is our show, not theirs, and they will honor that.

Short of a “big reveal”, though, are we perhaps inching closer to a series of tantalizing “small reveals”? Discoveries in Antartica, perhaps? Or more direct evidence of Pleiadean or Sirian involvement in early Earth civilizations? Or perhaps there will be discoveries regarding our curiously unique DNA; i.e., how it got that way. Or, new technological or scientific advances might make it even more clear that our reality is not as it seems – i.e., some sort of death knell for materialism as a defensible proposition. But, surely technological breakthroughs that could potentially be weaponized will not happen while there are still those among us inclined to do so.

Such “small reveals” would not be the kinds of things that would capture the attention of the entire world, the way a “big reveal” would do. And certainly not the kinds of things that would alter the beliefs of those among us who are wilfully blind to all things metaphysical or extraterrestrial. More likely, just enough to build the plot and tempt the next wave of those among us who are coming up to their very personal red pill / blue pill decision point.

As for our role in all this as Earthlings, it is to play out our individual roles on this Earthly stage. Nothing heroic is required of us; none of us have individual responsibility for the big picture of it all. Earth’s story will unfold regardless. Although the timetable is up to us collectively and individually, we will make – and we are now making – the climb out of density. The bottom line here: the big picture is not a plate we need to spin as we go about our Earth Game adventure. But, if other galactic civilizations think that what is going on here and now on Earth is really cool, perhaps we should too. I recall one channeled entity (Cleo, channeled by Sheila Gillette, on Alex Ferrari’s wonderful Next Level Soul podcast) saying something like “Billions of souls wanted to come here; you won the lottery”. Well, be excited about that.

Congratulations on being here now. Enjoy the show, fellow Earthlings. As we both observe the unfolding and participate as actors on the stage of the number one hit show in the Galaxy.