Beyond Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness, when inspiration strikes or understanding lands, I like to write. My plan is to periodically post articles on this website. You can read them from the most recent or browse the titles.

I hope you find something here that sparks your imagination.

Integrating Duality

Which is better, breathing in or breathing out? Trick question, of course; you need both. Short snapper #2: Is light a particle or a wave?

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Mastering Polarity

Polarity is the stuff of density. As such, it is fundamental to the construction of the physical plane, i.e., the denser reality that necessarily follows

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Repurposing Ego

Ego is separation personified. That role is neither bad nor wrong. Rather, it is essential to engaging in the physical realm. Underpinning the creation and

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Your Three Brains

You have three brains. If you are like most Earthlings, you may be mostly using only one of them. We’ll talk here about how to

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Encountering Fear

We should all want to build our reality out of the vibrational energies of joy and love. Sometimes, though, fear storms in, breaches the gates.

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Quantum Forces

I heard a while ago the notion of a “quantum strong force” and a “quantum weak force” – paralleling in a sense the nuclear strong

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Duality and Polarity

Everything breathes. Day yawns into night and back again. Moon waxes full and wanes; tides come in, go out. Summer drifts into fall; seasons turn

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ABCs of Metaphysics

Do you have a friend who may think you are a bit off your rocker because of your interest in things metaphysical? Or perhaps you

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Across the Multiverse

According to the “Many-Worlds Interpretation” of quantum physics, everything that could happen does happen in some reality. Put another way, every possible timeline manifests in

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