Meet Christian Thagard

Unlike brave souls such as Gregg Braden or Bruce Lipton or Sara Landon, for decades I hid out in the “professional” world while immersing myself in the study of metaphysics as a side-pursuit. While many years of practicing law was a wonderful platform for observing the interactions of Earthlings, recently it became time to focus on the different world view that I have long held.

I cannot say that I have had to overcome any great disaster or devastating accident or life-threatening illness. Nor can I claim that any entity speaks directly through me. But, I think I have been an unusually good student of applied metaphysics. I feel called to synthesize the decades of learning and find a way to share the benefit of that.

As for the why of my deep dive into metaphysics, that was a function of being jarred awake decades ago (by what was, and still is, a love story). I had experiences that my logical brain could not begin to explain. In search of understanding, I read everything I could find that might offer some measure of explanation. That passion for exploring metaphysics remains unabated to this day. Now, though, things that once seemed impossible or imponderable have an elegant obviousness. Metaphysics – if one looks closely enough – makes all the sense in the world.

The downside to hiding out in the professional world for so many years is that it did not create much of a platform for promoting my book. If you find that Earth Game speaks to you, please talk it up!

My home base for thoroughly enjoying this round of “Earth Game” is Alberta, Canada.

And finally, if you are looking for a speaker or panelist on the subject of applied metaphysics, I am interested.

Christian Thagard
Christian Thagard, Author