Earth Game vis-a-vis Video Games

Fascinating, I find, is how our human-designed “video games” mimic the design and structure of “Earth Game”.

In each case, the reality within the game is pixilated. The basic building blocks in each case are ones and zeros. Information is thus stored in “digital” format. As the player of the game, we interact with the program.

For the most part, video games compress the dimensions involved; three dimensions of space are commonly depicted in two dimensions (i.e., on a screen). Correspondingly, there are more dimensions going on here in “Earth Game” than what we can generally perceive within the game – i.e., more than our four dimensional “Spacetime”. Interestingly, just as “virtual reality” gaming expands to supply the “missing” physical dimension, we are beginning to access additional (non-physical) dimensions from within Earth Game.

Just as the “you” playing a video game is more than, and more real than, the avatar within the game, the “you” playing Earth Game is more than just the physical “you”.

Of course, linear time is involved in each case; the story or journey or contest has a beginning, it has a plot development of sorts that includes some conflict or challenge, and it has a conclusion.

Video games have a “refresh rate”, i.e., how many times per second the display is able to draw a new image. There is similarly a “refresh rate” within Earth Game. The refresh rate corresponds to Planck time, which is the time required for light to travel a distance of 1 Planck length in a vacuum. It is akin to a limit on the “frame rate” of the physical world. This is why the speed of light is an immutable “speed limit” in our physical world.

However, recall (from my earlier article “Quantum Living, Simplified”) that there is more than the “Physical World” going on here in Earth Game. There is also the “Quantum World”, out of which the Physical World precipitates. The above “speed limit” applies not to the Quantum World. This is why quantum “entanglement” has no regard to the speed of light or any other speed limit.

Another parallel, although not directly related to video gaming, is our Internet. It is almost as if all information is instantly available everywhere. That is the Quantum World. There, beyond the illusion of separation that is the hallmark of the Physical World, oneness and interconnectedness prevail.

Sometimes, individuals become fixated with video games precisely because they find Earth Game to be too hard. That is, they gradually and grudgingly arrive at a conclusion that it is impossible for them to win at Earth Game. But that is because they are using the wrong technology. They are trying to move things around on the screen (which, in this analogy, is not a touchscreen). Imagine if you had a video game up on whatever screen you are watching it on. Except that you do not have your hands on the controllers. Rather, your fingers are pressed against the screen, desperately attempting to move things around on the screen. And yet, despite your determined efforts, the game plays on, oblivious to your attempts to manipulate it by literally manipulating the screen. And, you get killed. Again. With little to show for your efforts.

The tricky thing about Earth Game is that you actually can, kinda sorta, manipulate things up on the screen, i.e., in the Physical World. You can move things around by working incredibly hard at it, although we all know that doesn’t work as well as we think it should, and it often comes at too high a price. You can also work hard at moving other gamers around; you can reason with them, yell at them, threaten them, try to make them feel guilty, bribe them, beg them, plead and cajole – and any of that might have some small effect. But not much. And not a lasting effect. Because none of those things are the actual controllers that run the game. No, the controllers function in the Quantum World. They are your thoughts. Or, put in more concrete terms, the controller (singular) is what I have called your “Quantum Signal” (again, please see my earlier article “Quantum Living, Simplified”). Which is what you are emitting from the Quantum World into your Physical World from moment to moment. With a refresh rate that is mirrored by the speed of light – i.e., Planck time.

Another reason Earth Game can be tricky is that you can achieve some wins even if you remain perpetually clueless about what is controlling the game. The controller – i.e., your Quantum Signal – runs the game irrespective of whether you know that to be the case. For many, though – too many – their “Default Signal” progressively degrades as they progressively fail their way through life. That degradation can begin in the womb, or in early childhood, if the environment is detrimental and/or the programming is negative. Or it can take a downturn in the turbulence of adolescence or the challenges of adulthood; the “School of Hard Knocks”, or apparent proof that “Life Isn’t Fair”, can grind one down. Eventually, the Default Signal is so locked into one dead-end street or another that Soul decides to cancel the show in favor of a fresh premiere, i.e., another lifetime, aka another round of Earth Game.

(As an aside, I will admit that I am describing as if it were simple and easy something – i.e., the management of one’s Quantum Signal – that is only one of those two things. Simple it is; upgrade your Quantum Signal and you will most assuredly upgrade your life. Easy it is not. I know firsthand that whenever an issue-du-jour triggers me, that is a sign that my Quantum Signal has become impaired by that issue. But I am learning to resist the urge to “jump up on the screen” and fix the wrongness of others. Even if I am pretty sure I am “right” (we always think we are right) about the particular issue-du-jour. However, I am increasingly becoming unwilling to pay the too-high price of impairing my Quantum Signal. This doesn’t mean I can’t hold opinions or take meaningful action. But if I do so from a place of being triggered, my up-on-the-screen actions will be counter-productive. So, I am (gradually) learning to approach human behavior from the perspective of an observer rather than from judgment. To give a practical example, I can and do hold an opinion in regard to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But if I allow myself to be triggered by that – if I move into a state of judgment and outrage – then I will harm my Quantum Signal while only adding fuel to the (global) fire. So yes, simple enough. But not easy. Earth Game was not designed to be easy.)

Ironically, for many – again, too many – gaming becomes an irresistible escape from all the failing within Earth Game. Because video games are carefully designed so that you can and will achieve some wins – and more and more wins as your investment of time and attention are increased. In contrast, Earth Game can seem way too hard; not only unwinnable, but impossible to even make progress. But all that can change – more rapidly than you might imagine – if you will just pick up the darn controller. Start focusing on the controller (i.e., your Quantum Signal from moment to moment). Develop the habit of paying attention to your Quantum Signal – including what, for you, tends to trigger a deterioration of that critical signal. Experiment with it, practice with it. And watch the game change. To the point where you wouldn’t dream of spending way-too-many-hours playing a video game that is a mere shadow of the fascinating game in which you are immersed in every waking moment.

I’m not saying don’t do gaming. Play all sorts of games within the game. Video games, board games, card games, all kinds of sports – by all means, play on, and have buckets of fun doing so. Just don’t lose sight of the game (i.e., Earth Game) that all of those other games are inside.

Know this: you can win at Earth Game. You can have the time of your life playing Earth Game. First, though, get in the game; focus on the real game, Earth Game. And very consciously take hold of the “controller” – with the knowledge that the course of your life depends on it.