Next Level Musings: Becoming More of Who You Are

You are more than you think you are. When you (enthusiastically) signed on for your current round of “Earth Game”, you knew that not all of you would be coming here. That is, not all of you would be able to squeeze into the four-dimensional “human suit” that your avatar here on Earth would need to wear. And, you knew that only some aspects of your relatively mighty consciousness would be able to find expression through a physical brain that by design cannot go beyond linear thinking. Much of who you are would need to stay behind. None of that diminished your enthusiasm; Earth Game, bring it on, you said.

But, what if? What if you have arrived at a juncture where a bigger part of who you really are can now join you in your Earth Game adventure?

Given that you are reading this, it is a virtual certainty that this is not your first rodeo, i.e., first round of Earth Game. Most likely, the consciousness that you truly are has spun many, many lifetimes. Even before there was “Earth Game”, you likely played out lifetimes on other gameboards (i.e., other worlds). You have probably learned a lot; you may have become rather adept at adventuring in the physical realm.

Now, though, we are entering a wonderful time here; Earth Game has stepped up a notch. A whole new level is beginning to become available (or at least more widely available). If you think you might be ready for that adventure, do keep reading.

Of course, anyone who has made the blue-pill decision that they are nothing but their avatar here (i.e., their physical body) will not let anything in beyond that. But, surely that isn’t you.

What if, as Earth Game parameters expand beyond the linear limits of four dimensions, you could bring in more of who you are? Let’s explore here one way you might be able to do that.

The gateway, of course, is meditation. So, settle in. As you ease down into a meditative state, take a moment to sense your heart centre (fourth chakra) opening up as well as your pineal (sixth chakra, or “third eye”). You are going to need more than your physical brain in order to access the “quantum” parts of who you really are. (See in that regard my previous articles “Your Three Brains” and “Quantum Living, Simplified”.)

Recall (from Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness) that you can think of the “real you” who is the player in Earth Game as your “Higher Self”. The physical “you” is their avatar here in Earth Game. Unlike the physical you, your Higher Self is not under the illusion of separation; they know themselves as part of the Oneness. Compartmentalized, but still fully connected with the whole. Perhaps (to illustrate with an imaginative example) a bit like how your pinkie finger or your nose would not regard themselves as somehow separate from the rest of your body – even though there is a distinctiveness to them.

As you ease into meditation, breathe deeply. As you do so, with each in-breath imagine your consciousness reaching up and merging into your Higher Self. Feel yourself lifting into and swirling and mixing and combining into them. As you do so, sense the hologram of which you are a part. You are part of the Oneness. And all of the Oneness – all of “Source” – is within you.

Next, as you continue to breathe deeply, turn your focus to the out-breath. With each out-breath, imagine your Higher Self coming down into your physical body, and becoming part of the consciousness that you are. Sense yourself as the individuated (although not truly separated) fractal that you are, i.e., the leading-edge bit of Oneness / Source / God that is adventuring here in Earth Game. And sense your Higher Self merging into, becoming part of, that individuated fractal “you”.

Now, put the two aspects together. With each in-breath, you reach up into your Higher Self. With each out-breath, your Higher Self comes down into you. Hologram (wholeness), then fractal (individuation). Until you get a sense that you are entirely inside your Higher Self. And, your Higher Self is inside you. A partnership forged in heaven (on the in-breath), and signed, sealed and delivered here on Earth (on the out-breath). The two of you, as one. How could that be other than a recipe for “Heaven on Earth?

With more of your Higher Self now available to you, your Earthbound consciousness need not be quite so Earthbound. You can have real-time access to all the knowledge and wisdom of your Higher Self – who has access to all the knowledge and wisdom of Oneness / Source / God. (Such access will not be an entirely new phenomenon; surely it is the source of your intuition.)

You might whisper something to your new partner. Show me something beyond linear reality, you might ask. Ask for some glimmer of insight, perhaps about how time is not the straight line it appears to be, but somehow is circular or spiral. Or perhaps ask to catch a glimpse of how to unlock time or even space – to take even the smallest leap (truly a “quantum leap”) beyond linearity. Or, ask them to show you the “Big Bang”. Or, the vastness of all-that-is. Or, just sit in the eternal and infinite love and light of Oneness. Or, just invite them to show you whatever they would like to show you.

No, they will not be able to explain any of such things in terms that your physical brain can grasp. But you – that is, the consciousness that is you – are so much more than just your physical brain. Perhaps the first glimmerings will register in your “feeling brain” (your heart centre) or in your “intuitive brain” (accessed via your pineal, or sixth chakra).

The above exercise may seem to you abstract or perhaps even ineffable. But do not discount the power of imagination – especially when it is exercised in any kind of meditative state.

Do instruct your physical brain as to its role in all this. Tell it to just watch and learn, and enjoy the show. Not for it to figure any of this out, or somehow convert things back into linear concepts. Just take it all in. With appreciation, and with awe. If you can conceive of your Higher Self as being the synergy of your intuitive brain (sourced in the pineal, or sixth chakra) and your feeling brain (sourced in the heart chakra), then you can see bringing in more of your Higher Self as allowing your consciousness to access much more than what your physical brain can access.

A key element in these explorations will be to move beyond thinking of yourself in terms of your physical brain and your Earthbound ego. Rather, treat those aspects of yourself as being there to serve the consciousness that you are. Just as your intuitive brain and your feeling brain are there to serve your consciousness.

Deployed correctly, your Earthbound you – your physical brain and your ego – are wonderful things. Just don’t put them in charge of your Earth Game adventure. No, the consciousness that is you (and that is within your Higher Self and part of all “Consciousness”) must be at the helm.

I find myself reminded here of a recent episode of the wonderful podcast “Next Level Soul”, hosted by Alex Ferrari. The guest being interviewed was John C. Davis, who likened the Christian notion of the “Trinity” to (I will paraphrase here) (i) the father/mother, (ii) the son/daughter, and (iii) the “Holy Spirit”. Well, think of your Higher Self as that father/mother consciousness. Think of your physical “avatar” as the son/daughter. And think of your consciousness here within Earth Game as the “Holy Spirit” – i.e., a part of Consciousness / Source / God / Oneness. Now, contemplate all that from the perspective of your Higher Self as the participant – through you – in Earth Game. If you can bring in more of your Higher Self, you can give them the gift of a fully immersive experience within Earth Game. The one playing the game merges into their own avatar within the game; how many movies with that theme have we collectively loved? Surely that is “next level” stuff in the context of Earth Game.

When you eventually wrap up your current round of Earth Game – i.e., when you die – you will re-merge with your Higher Self. And it will feel sublime. Perhaps this is what happens in “NDEs” (Near Death Experiences). Those who have such experiences commonly describe an all-encompassing love and light that changes them forever. But why wait? What if you can (mostly) touch all that – and be changed – without all the mess and fuss of nearly dying?

As for why your Higher Self couldn’t just drop themselves fully into Earth Game in the first place, I surmise that is a function of the density of the four-dimensional gameboard. Hence the need for the “human suit”. But, once you are climbing out of that density and beginning to touch dimensions beyond our four-dimensional Spacetime, the constrictions begin to fall away.

As the constrictions fall away, a whole lot of other things go with them. For some reason I think of the “Valley of the shadow of death” (Psalm 23). We walk that valley here in Earth Game, feeling the illusion of separation and knowing that we will die – and thus feeling an inevitable shadow of fear. But what if, through achieving connection with one’s Higher Self, we can get to that place of “fear no evil” in the aforementioned Psalm?

When I explored the above possibilities in meditation, the words and music of “And heaven and nature sing” surged into my consciousness. From the song “Joy to the World”, of course. Yes, the “heaven” of the love and light known fully by one’s Higher Self. In beautiful harmony with “nature”, i.e., our earthly reality. And in that moment, presto – the valley-of-the-shadow-of-death was nowhere to be found.

I want that place of “fear no evil”. It occurs to me that I have long experienced a dichotomy between feeling “cocksure” (the etymological origin of which is God-sure) and feeling unsure and afraid. I think I get it now: “cocksure” means tapped into my Higher Self. The other feeling is when, for whatever reason and for however long, I am not holding that connection. I know which feels better.

I can now see in a different light a favorite quote from (or at least commonly attributed to) Albert Einstein: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Oh, I see the design of “Earth Game” as being in essence an entirely friendly one. But reaching up to allow in more of your Higher Self can make it feel a lot more friendly by taking the shadow out of the aforementioned valley of physicality.

I feel “cocksure” about this much: the “next level” of Earth Game plays out above and beyond that shadow. And, when sooner or later you explore that next level, you will do so as more of who you truly are; that is, in delightful partnership with your Higher Self.