Quantum Living, Simplified

The true test of any path or program of study of applied metaphysics (aka spirituality) is how well it actually works for you in your day-to-day living. The thesis of this article is that the simplest way to enhance and improve your experience here in “Earth Game” is to focus on the quantum “signal” that you are sending out from moment to moment.

Two worlds:

There are two worlds going on here in “Earth Game”. One is the world of matter; it is the world detectable through our physical senses and measurable with physical devices. Let’s call that one the “Physical World”. The other world is the world of consciousness, thought; formless energy. Our quantum physics hints at, but doesn’t (yet) prove that world. Let’s call it the “Quantum World”.

Most people tend to think the Physical World is “real” and the Quantum World is, at best, less real. In truth, the Quantum World – the one beyond the physical – is the more real of the two. The Physical World is the stuff of “maya”, or illusion. (As the leading edge of quantum physics continues to show us, the Physical World is not at all what it appears to be, what with subatomic particles popping in and out of existence and all that.) Moreover, the Physical World precipitates out of – i.e., is generated from – the Quantum World. As Max Planck (the founder of quantum physics) put it almost a century ago, “I regard matter as derivative from consciousness”.

The Quantum World provides the signal from which manifests everything that happens in the Physical World. Therefore, in the Quantum World – i.e., the world of consciousness and thought and non-physical energy – can be found dominion over the Physical World.

For most Earthlings, though, the Earth Game experience is focused squarely on the Physical World. Move things around in the physical. More challenging still, move people around in the physical, i.e., get them to do what we want – or at least behave in a way that does not impede us. The trap, of course, is that we can move matter around, and sometimes we can even manage to persuade others to line up the way we want, or at least not get in our way. But, exhausting work, all that. Because the darn Quantum World keeps getting in our way. Because if the signal coming from us in the Quantum World is contrary to what (or whom) we are trying to move around, our efforts – even if Herculean – will be frustrated again and again.

To explain this in metaphor, you can color and paint on the movie screen all you want, but if the projector is showing a horror film and you are trying to turn it into a romantic comedy, your efforts will have little or no effect. There is little you can do inside Plato’s Cave to alter the shadows being made from outside the cave. Well, the Quantum World is the world outside the cave. So, let’s take a look at how we can become adept in the Quantum World.

The Quantum World “Signal”:

We often use “frequency” or “vibration” or “resonance” to describe the signal being generated by consciousness – i.e., by thought – in the Quantum World. In truth, none of “frequency” or “vibration” or “resonance” is entirely apt for that; in each case the word connotes something measurable in a physical way. That is, “frequency” and “vibration” and “resonance” have defined scientific meanings, by which they are the stuff of the Physical World. The difficulty here is that no word gleaned from our linear language is going to be a suitable fit for describing the non-physical stuff going on in the non-linear Quantum World. Accordingly, it seems entirely forgivable to use “frequency” and “vibration” and “resonance” as descriptors of the quality or nature of thoughts. But, just to avoid any inference that we are talking here about anything measurable in terms of our four-dimensional Spacetime, I will use “Signal” to describe the expression of consciousness, energy, and thought in the Quantum World. The word “Signal” seems apt in this context because it connotes something that initiates and is responded to; it correctly describes the direction of causality as between the Quantum World and the Physical World.

Now for the “simplified” part, per the title of this article. Change the quality of the Signal from the Quantum World, and over time you will materially change the quality of your Physical World. The converse is equally true: same Signal yields the same quality of reality. No matter how hard you try to change it by bending and shaping and hammering on the Physical World. Oh, you can move a few things around. But you will not move the needle on the quality of your Earth Game experience.

This is why if love, joy, abundance or health (for example) is mostly missing in one’s life, it tends to stay missing. Despite all the courses, treatments, therapy, and efforts, only rarely does the breakthrough come. Because it only comes after you change the Signal.

So, let’s get focused on the Signal.

Signal quality:

As for ascertaining the quality of your Signal, that is entirely simple. You can tell the quality of your Signal about anything by how it feels. Your emotions are a 100% reliable guide to that end. If it feels good, do it. Conversely, if you are feeling bothered, outraged, sad, bitter, or fearful about something, you can feel 100% confident that your Signal about that thing is not ordering up things you are going to like when they arrive in your Physical World. Not an immediate problem, given that time intermediates the precipitation from the Quantum World into the Physical World. But you will know you have work to do, i.e., work towards upgrading your Signal in that particular regard.

Default Signal:

What will matter most, over any timespan beyond the short-term, is your standard or usual or habitual Signal in regard to any aspect of your life – or perhaps your life as a whole. Let’s call that your “Default Signal”.

Think of someone you know quite well. How would you describe their “Default Signal” about this or that, or about life? Don’t be judgmental, but don’t tippytoe with it either. If you feel you have a good read on their Default Signal, then you will have predicted their future. Wherever that Default Signal sits on the broad range between “bitter and twisted” and being head-over-heels in love with life, you will have a sense of what is being ordered up on a daily basis from the broad menu that is the Physical World.

Now, turn your gaze inward. What is your Default Signal, about this or that, or about your life? Here again, not an exercise in judgment, so don’t judge yourself or wring your hands or gnash your teeth. But be honest. And realize that you can now predict your own future. If that makes you nervous, there is good news: you can know exactly how to upgrade your prognosis. You can always upgrade your Default Signal, no matter what it has been up to now.

Admittedly, any notion of a singular “Default Signal” is an oversimplification. You have a myriad of thoughts throughout the day, every one of which sounds in the “Quantum Field”. Those thoughts swirl and mix and combine with everyone else’s thoughts. And “the Universe”, in its brilliance, intermediates all that and somehow – i.e., with a complexity and a brilliance beyond what we can understand – weaves it all together into a narrative that precipitates into our Physical World. But, it remains true that if your Signal is consistently stuff that feels good to you, your personal Physical World will increasingly deliver reasons for you to feel good. And, the converse is equally true: a Signal that feels mostly bad will inexorably deliver reasons to feel bad. So, the “simplified” part ultimately holds true; and we can get on with the important question of how to upgrade your Default Signal.

Begin with awareness:

The first step is awareness. Just be aware of your Signal. Develop the habit of checking in with yourself and asking what your Signal is. In traffic. At work. When interacting with your significant other or with your children. At the gym. When walking in nature. When meeting new people or encountering strangers. When eating. When you first awaken and when you close your eyes at the end of the day.

This is not an exercise in “Let’s Pretend”. You can’t con this process. Smiling on the outside and crying on the inside? – your Signal is crying. Your emotions – how you actually feel – will be a reliable guide to your Signal.

The key realizations are as follows: Signal matters; and you can only put that mattering to work for you if you develop the habit of paying to attention to what Signal you are currently emitting in relation to any particular thing, person, event, or scenario.

Signal as response vs. Signal as initiator:

We were all taught at a relatively early age to be realistic, face facts, deal with the (Physical) World as it is. Does that sound like a recipe for putting your Signal to work for you? Heck no.

Who says you have to respond to the world as it is? Remember, this is about having the Physical World respond to your Signal, not the other way around. If you match your Signal to what you perceive around you, then you are opting to perpetuate what you see – and, worse yet, to default to what others drop into your reality. If you want better, you have to upgrade your Signal – which will mean a variance from what you see around you. It is a cruel joke, but one that sounds in truth: The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Here is the shift in thinking that will serve you well: instead of responding and reacting to the world at every turn, are you ready to let the Physical World respond to you? No, not to your whims and demands expressed in bullying terms in every Physical World interaction. But rather to your Signal. With a subtle but ongoing evolution of your personal circumstances as your external world begins to respond to you. That evolution will be gradual, but will it will be persistent, and it will be inevitable.

Consider this: when people of modest means win the lottery, they often find their way back to modest means in a remarkably short period of time. And, when those who have created worldly success somehow lose it all, it is remarkable how often and how quickly they find their way back to abundance. In each case where that has happened, the Signal persisted.

The difficulty is that our Signal is often a reaction to the Physical World, rather than a tool for mastery in the Physical World. Ironically, Signal-as-reaction often generates a feeling so awful that we deploy our staunchest efforts to fix the problem, i.e., the problem in the Physical World. But we do it with an unchanging – and perhaps amplified – Signal. Thereby perpetuating – or even amplifying – the reality in our Physical World that we are so desperately trying to “fix”. Whereupon we degenerate into blame, judgment, cynicism, despair. Life isn’t fair, we conclude in protest (which sentiment of itself is a distinctly counterproductive Signal). Whereas, properly understood, it is entirely fair. Quantum World Signal generates Physical World reality. Nothing unfair about that – particularly when you have dominion over your Quantum World Signal.

The thing to lock into your thinking is that the arrow of causation is opposite to what might appear to be the case. The saying “As above, so below” has it right; no argument can be made for “As below, so above”.

So often, though, we try to bargain, plead our case. Hey, change my rotten luck and I will be happy to change my Signal. Nope, doesn’t work that way. Change your Signal first, and then you change your luck.

If you want a science-sanctioned parallel for the direction of causality, look to epigenetics, pioneered decades ago by Dr. Bruce Lipton. It had long been generally assumed that the physical make-up of your genes pretty much determined the future state of your physicality. But epigenetics has demonstrated that genes respond to the signal that they receive from your thoughts and your emotions. Here again: as above, so below.

Yes, it is a tricky thing to master, because it looks like the Physical World is something to react and respond to – as opposing to mastering via the Quantum World. But that is the genius of the illusion. Earth Game, like all well-designed games, requires knowledge and practice in order to achieve even a modest measure of mastery. Think about it: if all you had to do to solve your abundance problem or your relationship problem or whatever problem was to imagine a solution and – poof! – the solution would instantly appear genie-like in your world, that would be a pretty lame game. You might play it once, cruise all the way to full mastery, and never bother to play it again. No, Earth Game has a lot more challenge to it. In particular, the impact of Signal is mediated by time and complexity. Deployed well, it gets us to the essence of what we truly want and need, but often by a route and through circumstances and on a timetable that our busy little brains would never have contemplated.

Signal as a problem-solving tool:

But what if your world – or at least an aspect of it – truly is a train wreck? In the face of financial ruin or a horrifying diagnosis, you are not going to be walking on air. But, you can always upgrade your Signal, or at least choose between options that are within your grasp. Where fear looms large, perhaps you can’t get to the safety of feeling diving love; but perhaps you can find your way to trust. Where anger runs wild, perhaps you can’t get to any sense of peace; but perhaps you can find your way to acceptance. Where sadness washes over you, perhaps you can’t catch even a glimpse of joy; but perhaps you can feel a poignancy in the emotion. Your range of choices of Signal can be impaired, but your ability to choose your Signal is never eliminated, even in the darkest depths.

Besides, the reality of the Physical World is undoubtedly experienced more subjectively than we imagine. For instance, if Nelson Mandela could very deliberately achieve and maintain mastery of his Signal during years of imprisonment, surely we are not powerless in the face of objective circumstances.

Think of the well-documented “Placebo Effect”. What really happens? – you change the Signal. Well, be your own placebo.

You might be thinking: So if I can get to a really good-feeling place about my favorite sports team’s chances in the “Big Game”, that means they will win? No, as noted above, the precipitation from the Quantum Field into your Physical World is much more intricate and complex than that. That is, there is not a one-to-one correspondence between your thoughts and future events. The Universe operates more holistically than that; it has a perspective that is both broader and more long-term. It cares more about your evolution and your fulfillment than the ability to celebrate a quick win. The Universe likely cares little about the outcome of the Big Game; it would rather help you be a winner in the game of life. In light of all that, here is one to perhaps think about: What Signal do you find yourself broadcasting when your team loses a game? Yes, you will feel disappointment. But if you can make that feeling transitory, i.e., let it quickly pass through you and be released, no damage done. As with any emotion that does not feel good, the secret is to let yourself fully feel it and then let it go. It is the stuff that gets stuck that deteriorates your Signal.

If your Signal does get stuck in a rut when your team loses the Big Game – or when anything else untoward manifests in your Physical World – do remind yourself to correct the sequence. That is, your Signal needs to be a beacon pointed towards your brightening future, rather than a dismal rehash of your past. Anytime you find yourself thinking about any aspect of your past (especially the distant past) in terms of regret or sadness or bitterness or anger, know that your Signal is in need of an immediate about-face.

Upgrading your Signal:

Once you let it in that your Signal will have direct and ongoing impact on your circumstances in the Physical World, you will have all the motivation you need to focus on upgrading your Signal. As you realize that being “triggered” can have a deleterious effect on your Signal, you will become progressively less willing to pay the price of letting yourself be triggered. Instead, you will learn to let negative emotions that arise pass through you with at worst a passing effect on your Signal – as opposed to embracing them as if they somehow were hard-earned treasures worth clinging to.

You may need to focus on a particular problem area for your Signal. For example, if your life generally is working well, but you have difficulty in one area (e.g., money or career or health or relationships), then your Signal in relation to that area likely needs some attention.

Problem areas sometimes seem unsolvable, impossible. And they are, if your Signal in that area is consistently a dud. But mastery of your Signal in relation to that problem area is the one thing that is always within your control. Focus there. Experiment, improvise, play with it; make it a game. Whatever you have to tell yourself to feel better about your problem area, start telling yourself that story. Put your imagination to work. If you can let it in that your Signal in relation to a problem area is generating and perpetuating your difficulties in that area, then imagine what the opposite of that Signal would feel like. If being unloved and unlovable is your Signal, what would it feel like if everyone loved you and found you loveable? If being wretchedly poor and unlucky is your current Signal, what would it feel like to be abundant and lucky? If your Signal about your physical health is generating problems, what would it feel like to radiate robust health and radiant well-being? Flights of fancy are by no means “cheating”; do whatever it takes to get your Signal moving in the right direction.

Here is where “Let’s Pretend” can work for you. For example, instead of focusing on your worries about the upcoming operation or course of treatment, put your thoughts to work imagining how you are going to feel when the outcome is wonderfully successful and your current worries are behind you. Or, instead of focusing on the job you just lost or the opportunity that passed you by, think about how wonderful you are going to feel when the perfect door opens up for you. Or, instead of thinking of how horribly overweight and out of shape you are, think of how good you are going to feel as soon as you are lean and fit and strong. In each case, instant Signal change.

Sometimes it does help to change your environment; i.e., a change in your Physical World can make it easier to change your Signal. Think of how you feel when you are away on an idyllic vacation; your Signal can rebound beautifully. But, a week or two of upgraded Signal won’t create lasting enhancements if you slide back into the old Signal as soon as you are back home and back at work. If your Signal is hopelessly mired by a job or a relationship, then the cause of upgrading that Signal may require leaving that job or that relationship. But when you do that, you need to use your imagination to construct the new Signal so that the old Signal doesn’t recreate the same old problems in the new job or the new relationship. Moreover, you may need to tweak your Signal first in order to make the change happen at all.

Upgrading your Default Signal:

Think of meditation as a laboratory where there are no constraints on your Default Signal. In the depths of meditation, you can feel the Divine Feminine and attune to the Divine Masculine; and you can tap into “Source” – i.e., the Oneness of which you are a part. Or, you can bask in love and joy and peace and a sense of your own Divinity – and whatever else you want to feel. Whatever you can feel in meditation, you can tune your Default Signal to that feeling. (If you can get to love and peace and joy and Divinity, you might try exploring “one octave up” via your upper chakras, i.e., lift those four wonderful feelings to ecstasy, bliss, rapture, and delight, respectively.) Or, just get that pineal humming (yes, you can do that without psychedelics) and see where it takes you. Your meditative explorations will percolate into your Default Signal in your day-to-day living.

Beyond meditation, use your day-to-day living as a constant reminder to pay attention to your Signal from moment to moment. Every time you do notice your Signal, make it a game to nudge it higher. Most people have little awareness of their Signal from moment to moment; they tend to see it as only a reflection of whatever is playing out before their eyes. In contrast to that, as you develop the habit of paying attention to your Signal, you will find you are broadcasting good stuff more and more of the time. Because you will notice that nudging the Signal higher always feels better than letting it slide lower.

Once you know that the stuff of your physical reality is going to be built out of the good stuff that you are broadcasting, you can stop worrying about the future. Because if your future can only precipitate out of good stuff, you are going to love it. Irrespective of whether it matches up to pictures you pasted on your “Vision Board”. And regardless of any speedbumps or (apparent) misdirections you encounter along the way. Because the Universe in its infinite wisdom will have a far better understanding of what will move your life in the direction of your very personal Heaven on Earth. You can trust it. And that rock-solid trust will further enhance your Signal, by banishing the worries that might otherwise deteriorate it.

If your Signal is consistently of a quality that feels good, you are going to increasingly love your life. And more and more your Earth Game adventure is going to fill up with things you love. It is this simple: master your Signal and you will have achieved mastery within Earth Game.

Stirring in metaphysical awareness:

An expanded awareness of metaphysics and the nature of your Earthly adventure can tangibly assist the cause of upgrading your Signal. Here is something to stir into your Signal: you are the Divine having an adventure. The Big Bang: that was your work. All of creation: that was you. The bigger you is a hologram; all of creation is inside you. And, even as a fractal of the Divine at the far reaches of Consciousness, you are an intrepid explorer and adventurer. You are inside a game, and a fabulous game it is. Now, that’s a Signal worth beaming into your Physical World from your Quantum World. As you make your way through the two worlds of “Earth Game” with ever-increasing elegance and grace.