Involution, Evolution, and Delight

Delight – such a lovely word. But before I get into a discussion of the spiritual meaning of the word, I need to introduce the word “Involution”. I marvel at having only recently come across for the first time the notion of “Involution” (thank you, Ken Wilber). Its meaning, in the metaphysical context, is the journey outward – of separating and descending into density. In our Universe, the “Big Bang” set Involution in motion. Ultimately setting the stage for us here in “Earth Game” to begin the journey of rediscovering and reuniting. That is, the journey of Evolution.

Think of Involution as Consciousness (aka All-That-Is) progressively subtracting from itself, stepping down. Think progressive contraction and limitation. Ultimately squeezing down into only three dimensions of space and one of time. All while stirring into the mix an illusion of separation and almost complete amnesia. Definitely a recipe for adventure (both here on Earth and on a myriad of worlds).

It was also only recently that I came across “Delight” as a spiritual notion. In various traditions, it captures the almost indescribable joy that accompanies the progressive realizations on the journey homeward. I will make the case here that “Delight” provides the best reason of all for embarking upon and enthusiastically pursuing a path that will lead one homeward.

As an aside, I observe that various channeled entities more than occasionally express their “delight” in conversing with us Earthlings. They seem to do so with complete sincerity; that is, never do I get the feeling that their true feelings are along the lines of Well, we suppose we should be about helping the stupid Earthlings with their stupid problems. My conclusion: they take delight in our Delight.

Consider Delight as the reason why for all of creation. From the perspective of Consciousness / the Creator / All-That-Is or “God”, Delight may have been what they had in mind when they went to all the trouble of launching the “Big Bang”.

The journey outward into separation and density and amnesia (i.e., Involution) would seem a painful thing if viewed in isolation. But stir in a journey of reuniting and rediscovery and remembering (i.e., Evolution), and now you have an adventure. Think of it as God’s own “Hero’s Journey”. With the only thing predetermined being that, after a very long period of adventuring, all of God’s creation will find its way home. Perhaps there to exit through a black hole. (And perhaps from there to launch a new series of adventures through the entry-point of a white hole – but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.)

Think of it as a cosmic Flowers for Algernon, only in reverse. By that I mean that if one wanted to make a human happy, take away their ability to walk, and then restore it. (Conversely, if one wanted to make a human unhappy, give them an ability to fly like a bird, and then take that away.) Our collective journey home can be viewed as a source of Delight not just for us individually but also for the Consciousness that created us as parts of itself.

The above macrocosm is echoed in our individual perspective as avatars here. It seems to me that, in the course of a particular lifetime, we all start out on a “Seeker’s Path”. We begin by looking for meaning, explanations, answers, solutions to problems. On that path, we make the turn for home, and that takes us on a very personal “Hero’s Journey”. At some point, though, the Seeker’s Path becomes the “Spiritual Path”. In the realization of who we really are, we can know for certain that we are on our way home. As we progressively rediscover ourselves, the beautiful energy of “Delight” becomes our companion. It lights our way and it delivers the soundtrack for our journey home.

Not that we will find “home” in the course of a single lifetime or with the present “avatar” (i.e., physical body) intact. But that matters not. Once the Spiritual Path takes you to an understanding of who you are and why you are here and where you are going, you can relax and enjoy the journey.

At that stage, you will have progressed from the hollow feeling that you might be hopelessly alone (and at risk), to a sense of a higher power or “God”, to a sense that something of that God is within you, to a sense that you are inside God (i.e., a fractal of God), to a realization that all of God is inside you (i.e., as hologram). Far from being hopelessly alone, you can begin to feel the ultimate sense of belonging with all of creation. And joy – God’s joy – becomes your prevailing energy. As it inexorably lifts to Delight – as your journey of remembering and rediscovering and reuniting plays on.

The Spiritual Path will always call you to enjoy “Earth Game”. Just as you would want to enjoy any game or activity in which you participate. No longer desperate to find your way home and exit physicality, you can enjoy the journey. To put this in context, it would be ridiculous and just plain sad if, at the outset of a round of golf, I were desperately focused on the moment of completing the round at the eighteenth green. Or, if upon setting off on a cross-country ski trail through beautiful woods, my mind were tightly focused on the moment when I would complete the loop and take off my skis. Finishing, as such, is never the point; the value of the game or activity – or the Spiritual Path – is in the Delight along the way.

Simon Sinek famously said “Start with Why”. That advice was not given in the context of creation (i.e., the Big Bang), but I think it applies all the same. Science, as we know, has a laser-like focus on the “What” and the “How”. That focus has revealed the precision and scope and awe-inspiring level of detail that obviously went into the design and planning of the Big Bang. But doesn’t that beg the question of “Why”? That is, someone or something went to a whole lot of work to build this reality. Surely they must have had a compelling motivation in mind. It seems to me that Delight supplies the Why. Both for creation and for your individuated journey on your individuated Spiritual Path.

I am so drawn to Delight as a gold-standard “Why” that I have resolved to look to Delight as my personal foundation for this new year of 2023. Whatever year it may be when you are reading this, feel free to similarly resolve to aspire to Delight as a foundational energy for your Spiritual Path and your Earth Game adventure. Go for the gold; go for Delight.