On Metaphysical Perspective

If you want to have a feel for the lay of the land, sometimes it helps to climb a hill. Perspective changes everything.

Catching even a glimpse beyond the illusions baked into the physical experience within “Earth Game” does change everything. Here in the noise and bustle of life on Earth, perspective is often all but lost; the fog of illusion descends, and all you can see is what is right in front of your nose. But, once you can lift out of the fog and see beyond the illusions – even a little – you can’t unsee it (not that you would want to).

This article, however, is not about the delightful change in perspective that comes with awakening (to whatever degree) to the true nature of our Earthly reality. Rather, I want to focus here on what we can deduce from the apparent perspective of those who speak to us from “beyond the veil”. That is, “channeled” information.

(For anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with “channeling”, it is what happens when those among us with a talent to do so are able to “get out of the way” so as to allow multi-dimensional entities to speak through them. My first exposure to channeled information was Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel; these days, my favorite channeled sources are Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll, Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks, and The Council, channeled by Sara Landon.)

Plainly, when entities from loftier dimensions peer down into our more constrained reality, what they see is way different from what we tend to see. That is understandable; their perspective is different from ours – and they can see much that, for now, remains invisible to our physical senses. It seems to me that we can learn much about our reality by drawing inferences from their higher perspective.

As the saying goes, you can’t read the label on the jar you are inside. But channeled entities are outside the jar we are in. They can read the label. And they do read it to us.

There are two fundamental differences between our perspective and those whose lofty perspective contrasts with our Earthbound nature. Firstly, we experience our adventure here through a human brain that is brilliantly designed to be fooled by the illusions of our four-dimensional Spacetime – and designed to perceive absolutely nothing beyond those four dimensions. Having no such designed handicaps, channeled entities see right through all that. Secondly, and again by design, we have amnesia. They do not. We don’t remember who we are or where we came from. They do. Of course, our amnesia is a key part of the design. We are blank pages; absolutely free to wander and explore this physical plane – and even to get lost in it (for a time). Free will turned loose; that is the experiment here. And for the most part, we humans have no idea what it’s all about.

(Until we do, that is. The amnesia phase of “Earth Game” is clearly winding down and wrapping up. There is an awakening; we are remembering who we are and why we came here. Still with free will, but now with at least some understanding of who we are and why we came here. Even better, with understanding of how this reality actually works. With the new experiment being about putting the technology of metaphysics to work. It’s a whole new game; or at least, a new level of “Earth Game”. We should be very, very excited to be here now.)

With the above two fundamental differences in mind, I will catalogue here some differences in perspective that seem to me particularly instructive.

It looks easier from the other side of “the veil”.

Unlike the vast majority of humans, those looking in on Earth from beyond the veil can see how this reality works. They know that thoughts attract realities of similar vibration; they are fully aware of the magic available to us. Accordingly, I imagine them rolling their eyes at our persistent and determined focus on moving matter around – or worse yet, on moving each other around.

Fortunately, entities from loftier dimensions are not a judgy bunch. It would be easy for us, if we were in their shoes, to think “What a bunch of dunces!” But no, they are the opposite of judgy. And, I gather, they even expect us to stumble – especially “young souls”, i.e., those of us who have had few or no previous incarnations within “Earth Game”. No, they just look at us as toddlers learning to walk – while wildly cheering every successful step forward we take.

They see a whole lot more than we do.

There is a whole lot more going on in “Earth Game” than our brains can perceive. Beyond the limited range of light and sound that our brains can perceive, is everything beyond three dimensions of space and one of time. There is a whole multi-dimensional (or “quantum”, if you prefer that shorthand) show going on in our reality.

It is obviously a challenging thing for multi-dimensional entities to explain to us the “quantum” things that are going on all around us (and even within our own bodies). As one such entity put it, it is as if you were to try to explain the color red to someone who has been blind from birth.

They see time differently.

Time is one of the things that we can only see as linear; and yet entities beyond the veil do not. It is “circular”, they say, or “looped”, or “like that chain that got all tangled up”. Or, they say, everything – including our “past” lives – is actually happening at once, i.e., now. I am not going to pretend to understand any of that.

More instructive is the sweep they see of time, compared to our perspective. For us, everything is about the (relatively) short-term, i.e., our current lifetime. Even though we (or at least some of us) know we will be coming back for other lifetimes, our identification with the particular physical avatar we are now using tells us that whatever needs to happen needs to get moving now, or at least relatively soon. For us, it is hard if not impossible to adopt a “we’ll get ‘em next time” mindset. In contrast, a perspective of galactic evolution framed not in terms of our solar “years” but in terms of revolutions of our sun around the center of our galaxy (about 230 million years, if you’re counting) yields a more patient perspective. In the result, “Earth Game” feels to us a lot more “razor’s edge” than it looks to them. They know we will all eventually find our way home. Further, they are now fully confident that we Earthlings will collectively ascend to the next level of Earth Game; they don’t keep looking at any kind of clock to form an ETA on that.

They see love in a different light.

From my perspective (which I freely admit is unavoidably an Earthbound perspective), love is sensed connection. When any of us loves another, or a pet, or a community or a cause, or a place in nature or the Earth itself, we are sensing connection – a Oneness.

From a beyond-the-veil perspective, we love enthusiastically, fiercely, and even obsessively. No question, love is a big deal for us.

Not to suggest that those beyond-the-veil take love for granted or that they see a ho-humness to it, but in relative terms, for them love does have a like duh aspect to it. Of course connection is sensed; everything is connected, everything is of the One. Whereas, for us, anything that shatters the illusion that we are intrinsically separate from everyone and everything that is not our physical body seems to us to come with beautiful fireworks. From the perspective of those beyond the veil, that our brains are by design wired to see everything outside one’s physical body as other may be almost unthinkable. I’m not sure they can fully grok our perspective.

What can we take from the difference in perspective about love? Perhaps we can develop the habit of looking for love everywhere and in everything and in everyone – because the connection is always there for the sensing. And every time our search is rewarded, we can celebrate the grandness of love. Which, one might surmise, is somehow the stuff of creation itself.

They have a different sense of what is important within “Earth Game”.

For humans – or at least our egos – it tends to be all about safety. And beyond that, fame and fortune. The view from beyond the veil is mostly unconcerned with all that. They know we are not in any danger of becoming permanently lost. They don’t seem to see any value in fame; that is not where they see achievement in our Earthly lives; rather, from their perspective, it is about our evolution and growth. As for fortune, what they value is abundance – which is subtly different from riches (which may or may not be accompanied by a sense of abundance).

They see death very differently.

Even life and death, they see differently. To us, everything seems, well, like a matter of life and death. From their perspective, it is more in the nature of a visit to a theme park. We worry that death may be game over, ultimate failure, eternal blackness, non-existence (or worse yet, judgment and eternal damnation). They just see consciousness calling it a day, exiting the theme park, and heading home with a warm glow. To return as often as one might choose.

They see a lot more than “Earth Game”.

The Universe is vast, vast, vast. A myriad of other planets in our galaxy and in billions (and perhaps trillions) of other galaxies. Galaxies with different laws of physics than ours, apparently. And even in our galaxy, various parallels to “Earth Game” that are at very different stages of their evolution. Many already “multi-dimensional” – patiently waiting for Earth to join their ranks.

It seems that those “beyond the veil” fully expect that we will collectively endure various bumps and bruises until we “make the cut” (which we collectively now have, they tell us). As for the “why” of the process of planetary development tending to be fractious and challenging, it is hard to grasp that from our limited perspective. That is, one wonders what was in it for “God” to set it up so that free will could end well or end badly. But, we love to watch adventure movies where the hero’s journey hangs in the balance. And, we play challenging video games that take many sessions (the parallel with many lifetimes is obvious enough) to achieve even a modest level of mastery. Perhaps that is a function of being made “in God’s image”.

So, what can we learn from all this? First and foremost, just to be in awe of it all. Be humbled by the grandness of creation. Release the hubris of thinking that we (almost) understand it all or someday will understand it all. Not in our human incarnations we won’t. We will not as humans come to fully understand “God” or think like “God”. But, we can understand enough to splendidly carry out what we were created to do as Earthly avatars. We can play the game; and we can achieve a level of mastery in Earth Game.

It comes full circle back to the metaphysical perspective that we can grasp:

  • that each of us is an itty-bitty piece of the creator having an adventure here in Earth Game;
  • that beyond the illusions we are all of us interconnected with everyone and everything and all that is; and
  • that our thoughts and our consciousness are impactful here within Spacetime, and every bit as real as the “matter” we can perceive with our physical senses.

That perspective, I suggest, is all we need.

You may need to climb a metaphorical (and metaphysical) hill to gain this new perspective. If you do, you will love the view.