Quantum Forces

I heard a while ago the notion of a “quantum strong force” and a “quantum weak force” – paralleling in a sense the nuclear strong force and the nuclear weak force. My ensuing fascination with this notion (and the potential parallel) has led me to engage in speculation as to what these quantum forces might be. I will share my speculations here, with a view to encouraging others to similarly let their imaginations run free.

To backtrack and to give credit, it was the entity Kryon (as channeled by Lee Carroll) who briefly mentioned (i.e., without offering additional explanation) that our list of four fundamental forces is incomplete. That is , beyond gravity, electromagnetics, the nuclear weak force, and the nuclear strong force, there are two more. The reason we haven’t clued in on the other two – quantum weak force and quantum strong force – is that they are multidimensional, i.e., beyond space and time, i.e., “quantum”.

The particular channeled message also invited reconceptualizing gravity and electromagnetics, respectively, as the electromagnetic weak force and the electromagnetic strong force. Which I also found fascinating (Sheldon Cooper would spill his oatmeal, I thought to myself). Three pairs, each consisting of a strong force and a weak force; hmmm.

The one pair we commonly refer to as a strong force and a weak force are the nuclear forces. To oversimplify, the strong force holds the atom together, and the mysterious workings of the weak force include making (some) atoms split up, i.e., decay.

Let’s ponder something similar in the context of a weak electromagnetic force and a strong electromagnetic force. The search for some sort of “graviton” – i.e., a particle foundation for gravity as a fundamental force – hit a wall long ago. But what if the dichotomy here – i.e., in the context of electromagnetics – is a parallel to the strong and weak nuclear forces? What if the strong electromagnetic force is what makes things move in our reality? And what if the weak electromagnetic force (aka gravity) is what keeps things from moving in a helter-skelter way, i.e., out of control? Yes, this is pure speculation made by one lacking scientific credentials of any kind, but wait and see where I am going with this.

Now let’s turn to the quantum strong force and the quantum weak force. Per my intuition, the quantum strong force is what connects us all. It is about Oneness, unity consciousness, connection, universal love. It is why there is such a thing as “entanglement” in quantum physics. It reflects that we are all of the one, that we are each a holographic piece of the whole.

The quantum weak force would obviously be the counterpart of the above. It is what keeps us individuated. It is what makes me other than you. Just as the nuclear weak force keeps the atom from losing its identity, the quantum weak force keeps you and me and every other bit of Consciousness from dissolving back into some sort of cosmic “soup of God”.

Plainly, individuation is a fundamental aspect of what I have called “Earth Game”. The most fundamental notion that I hold true is that each of us is an itty-bitty piece of God (i.e., the creator, i.e., whoever orchestrated the Big Bang) having an adventure. Which adventure is only possible through individuation and the illusion of separation from the whole.

Equally plain is that our imminent collective leap forward involves becoming aware of our fundamental connection with all that is – including each other. Unity consciousness. We are One.

Just as our physical reality exists only because the other four fundamental forces are precisely as strong as they need to be (and no stronger), perhaps the weak quantum force (individuation) and the strong quantum force (connectedness) are also intricately crafted so that we can (eventually) find our way to an impeccable balance. (To state the obvious, we are not there yet.)

Put another way, it is the dance of the quantum weak force (individuation) and the quantum strong force (connection) that makes the whole thing work. With a brilliance that should, I suggest, have us in a state of awe and wonder and joy every day we spend here in Earth Game.

It is also worth observing that, just as the electromagnetic force is much stronger than gravity and the nuclear strong force is much stronger than the nuclear weak force, the quantum strong force is much stronger than the quantum weak force. That is, what connects and unites us is much stronger than what separates and divides us.

Yes, I could be out to lunch on some or most or all of these speculations. But I think I’m on to something here – even if my musings at best are but poetry. Please feel free to contribute your own speculations to this fascinating subject-matter.