Encountering Fear

We should all want to build our reality out of the vibrational energies of joy and love. Sometimes, though, fear storms in, breaches the gates. What to do when that happens?

When fear intrudes into your adventures here in Earth Game, the intrusion instantly (although temporarily) severs your connection with “Source” energy. This article is about how to deal with fears that arise, so as to restore the connection.

Connecting with “Source” energy is the best feeling I know. (By “Source”, I mean the energy of Oneness – of “God”, of the creator, of all that is.) I have my own meditative techniques for achieving that connection. The moment I do, my dog – who has a habit of snuggling next to me while I meditate – invariably feels the connection, and stands up to lick my nose. Of course, whenever one is feeling joy and love, one is connected to Source. It is a delightful way of being. (I am reminded of the title of a wonderful book written by Shakti Gawain decades ago: Living in the Light.)

Sometimes, though (and in my life not very often anymore), fear thoughts rain hard on my parade. (If, like me, your “root emotion” is on the love/fear axis, you will particularly understand.) In those moments, knowing how our reality works within Earth Game provides little comfort. That is, knowing the power of thoughts and their vibrations in determining what will manifest in my world makes me even more afraid when I am experiencing fearful thoughts – because I am fully aware of the danger of holding those fearful thoughts.

What to do when fear has breached your shields and is inside the gates? I recently had occasion to deal with that. I will share here the process I put to work, and what I learned in that process.

We instinctively try to run from fear. But, we know that doesn’t work. If you try, the fear will seem to be everywhere, surrounding you, stalking you, closing in on you. You cannot outrun the fear, because it is inside you.

Nor can we just stuff it down, distract ourselves, drug ourselves somehow (literally or figuratively). That can seem to work for a while, but it’s still there, doing its work beneath the surface. Fear is content to lurk in the shadows of your reality, because that is where it is most effective. The monster in the horror movie is always more frightening when you can’t see its face. And, eventually the fear will emerge in a way that you can’t avoid dealing with it.

So, can’t run, can’t hide. Instead, do the opposite. Move into the fear; encounter it; confront it.

Of course, the place to do that is in meditation. Before going into that meditation, though, I find it useful to remind myself of certain empowering truths, by the following affirmations:

  • This is happening for me, not to me. There is a gift here to discover.
  • Fear, because it is a dense energy, is not as powerful as lighter energies, and takes time to do damage through its lower vibration. I have time to deal with this; I don’t need to make matters worse by fearing fear.
  • This should prove to be no more than a speedbump for one who is a tiny piece of God having an adventure (which is what we are, every one of us).

Now, into the meditation. First step, bring in Higher Self. Second step, make the request: Higher Self, please take me to a personification of this fear. Then, either instantly or after a journey of whatever length, find myself there. And then, Higher Self with a wave points me to the fear playing out in front of me, as if on a giant movie screen. Full of sound and fury, all coming at me in 3D.

On this particular occasion, with a flourish my Higher Self pulled back the giant screen on which fear was playing out in front of me. Behind the curtain, there was fear personified. Almost like the Wizard of Oz, unmasked. Just sitting in a chair, calmly and silently looking back at me.

This fear personified was not at all frightening to behold. It was not bombastic or aggressive in any way. It was calm, matter-of-fact. Surprisingly willing to dialogue, as it turned out. The dispassionate and neutral tone that it brought to that dialogue – i.e., the opposite of bombast – was such that I felt as if I were conversing with a program rather than a malevolent entity of any kind. Hmm, I thought.

It was doing its job as a fundamental part of the programming of Earth Game, I quickly learned. Fear spoke, without a hint of melodrama, “I am density; I am the experiment.” I understood; this is how free will and free choice play out on this gameboard.

What struck me was how binary the choice seemed to be. Connected or unconnected. Love or fear. Safety or jeopardy. Freedom to joyfully explore, or else locked up, cornered. Empowered, or disempowered. Yes, or no. The difference seemed to me as stark as day and night.

I found myself reminded of the famous quote attributed (or, some say, misattributed) to Albert Einstein: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

All of which made sense to me in the meditation; for this game and this science experiment based on the expression of free will to be meaningful, there had to be meaningful and fundamental choices to be made. More than just choices between strawberries and blueberries, or between sunrises and sunsets, or between pine trees and palm trees. No, something fundamental. Connected to Source vs. connection lost. Love, or fear.

Then, behind me, I sensed Source personified. Not in any sort of shape, but rather as a brilliant and pulsating energy of love and connection and Oneness. And joy and peace and safety and empowerment. I moved into that energy. And fear personified faded from the scene.

The coping technique, in the face of fear, came down to this: step back into the love, into the connection with Source. Fear can’t follow you there. Yes, you will still have things to deal with or mitigate in your reality, but you can face them as a problem-solver rather than as one who is paralyzed in terror. And, if you have encountered fear and then found your way back to Source, the problem may well prove to be much easier to resolve than you could have imagined.

Is it all that easy? – just magic-wand your way out of any terrifying circumstance you find yourself in? No, of course not. But I am hopeful that you can, as I did, find a way to disengage and disempower, or at least mitigate, the emotion of fear.

When I sensed the meditation to have achieved its purpose, I had one last question for Source: “Why did you make Earth Game so hard?” Source answered me thusly: “Because the greater the challenge, the greater the celebration.” I can live with that answer.

May the Source be with you.