How Far Down the Rabbit Hole?

There will come a time – you might even be there already; or perhaps right now it seems lifetimes away – when there is no more “Old Business” on your Agenda. Karma, life lessons, “Soul contracts” – all wrapped up, concluded. No wounds left to heal, nothing left to forgive. Ego repurposed, check; the siren’s call of fame and fortune tempts you not. Anchored by a rock-solid, no-doubt understanding of the Oneness of all things and your inherent divinity, your foundation is unshakeable. You are increasingly finding that your worldly needs are met, and that abundance – not just financial, but abundance of time, health, energy, and interconnections – is your daily reality. Oh, there are still occasional bumps in the road, things to handle, problems to solve; but none of that disrupts your flow, or at least not for long. From that place of exquisite freedom, what to do next? From that pinnacle, what course to set?

The above question was recently framed to me as follows in the course of a conversation that took place in the depths of meditation: How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? A fascinating question, I thought. I share here my musings in response to that question.

Incidentally, the question was asked of me mirthfully; there was no hint of ominousness or foreboding to it. There seemed a genuine curiosity to it, a bit like the following: Hey, Free Will guy, where you want to take this now that the doors of perception have been blown wide open?

To put the “rabbit hole” question in context, it arose in the course of meditative musings about the nature of time, realities beyond the linear time that we know, and the possibility of “time travel”. It might equally have arisen in the course of pondering parallel lifetimes, or realities entirely beyond physicality, or what it would be like to achieve a Yogi-like mastery of the physical realm. Put another way, the question is what to do within “Earth Game” after one has become somewhat knowledgeable of and somewhat adept at the technologies that are in play within Earth Game.

Are there further explorations that await? – of course there are. There are always further explorations – until that far-distant future when we fully return “home” and fully re-merge into Consciousness/God/Source/All-that-is or whatever you want to call it. But shouldn’t we pause just a bit, take our time, enjoy the wonders of Earth Game now that we (finally) have a clue or two about how to navigate it? The answer, I suggest in this article, is both; that is, enjoy where we have arrived, while continuing to explore.

You may be thinking, understandably, that all of this is pipe dream, pie-in-the-sky stuff, and that your attention needs to be focused on more mundane things, i.e., problems to solve, things to achieve, dangers to avoid. Or, worse yet, that this is a flight of fancy of the ego. My “inner skeptic” routinely voices similar objections. And yet, I find myself reminded more and more of late that this “Next Level” stuff is real, and that we are moving into new and uncharted and exciting territory. Further, the “rabbit hole” question was posed to me in the trusted space of a delightfully deep meditation. If the question does not similarly call to you at the present time, then just set it aside for now, while asking it to pop back into your consciousness in the future at just the right time.

One thing I feel certain of is that, in this next phase of our journey homeward, we do not need to be in a hurry. Perhaps there was some urgency in the last phase; lifting ourselves enough from the density so that life needn’t be quite so hard. Looking ahead, though, it is not as if there is something that needs to be escaped from. No, just a beautiful and gradual unfolding that is now inevitable. After paddling upstream for what seemed forever, now seemingly paddling downstream.

By analogy, I used to feel frustrated by the slow unfolding of spring, as the long winter (where I live) gradually released its grip. It seemed to take forever for the beautiful “spring green” color to paint the landscape. Now, though, I feel less impatient about that. I know each year that spring is coming, will come, cannot be stopped from coming. Why not enjoy each emerging bud, each sprouted tulip, each blade of green grass?

Another thing I feel certain of is that this next phase is not about saving the world. Or, for that matter, saving anyone in particular. Each Earthly emanation of the divine – i.e., each one of us humans – will progress at whatever rate and speed makes sense (i.e., having regard to “free will” and a multiplicity of other factors). Running around exhorting others to speed the heck up cannot possibly be the best use of my time within Earth Game. Further, running around fixing and saving seems to me a sure way to fall from the above pinnacle and return to an Earth Game that is too hard, too disappointing, too little fun.

Which isn’t to say that finding ways to be of service to others is not a beautifully fulfilling thing to do. Especially being of service to those who are reaching for help in the wake of their “taking the red pill” moment. But that kind of service has a quality different from that of fixing and saving (or, worse yet, gathering a flock).

I suppose exploring “magic tricks” – i.e., yogi-like mastery over physical reality could be fun. Perhaps a fanciful notion, but the idea of (someday) being able to teleport to a vacation destination without going anywhere near an airport has an obvious appeal to it. Short of the convenience of such things, though, I would be wary about manipulations of physical reality for the purpose of attracting attention (or worse yet, followers). The obvious danger there would be to put the repurposed ego back in the driver’s seat – i.e., seeking adulation and recognition instead of focusing on experiencing physicality. (See in this particular regard my earlier article “Repurposing Ego”.) Besides, once abundance and generally good luck have become your regular companions on your Earthly journey, is it really all that necessary to transcend the laws of physics?

As for abundant health and abundant physical energy, of course that is where you want to be. But beyond that, how far down the rabbit hole of extended longevity do you think you would like to go?

Beyond learning the basics of how “Earth Game” works, an expanded exploration of the scope and span and mechanics of our physical Universe sounds to me like a worthy rabbit hole. Yes, we want to thoroughly enjoy “Theme Park Earth” as we go. But surely that exploration can encompass a peek at “coming attractions”, i.e., glimpses at levels of reality beyond what is presently going on here within Earth Game.

It seems to me that the call of your “Soul” can serve as a guide. Wherever you find passion stirring, look there – for that will be, for you, the path of “fulfillment”. If a particular rabbit hole calls to you, jump in. I am reminded in this context of Michael A. Singer’s observation that your life knows what it is doing. I’m thinking it probably knows a thing or two about rabbit holes. As with so many aspects of life here in Earth Game, the winning route is simple enough: wherever a space ahead of you lights up, step there. And no, you don’t need to know where it leads, or why you should go there. If it lights you up, can’t be wrong.

So, whether that involves channeling or remote viewing or time travel or mastery of physicality or expanded longevity or whatever, if it lights you up, go. And enjoy the ride.

Correspondingly, if in any particular moment you do not find yourself called by any rabbit holes at all, no problem. There are all sorts of things to explore here in “Theme Park Earth”. Enjoy yourself – without the slightest thought that there is some “more spiritual” pursuit that you should be pursuing in that moment.

To sum up my answer to the question of “how far down the rabbit hole” I would like to go, well, I’m inclined to trust the rabbit hole about that. Whenever and wherever I feel the call, my answer is going to be “yes”. I’m thinking “Bring it” is the only message I need to send to the Universe in this particular regard. No quota, no five-year plan. But no limits, either. All of which somehow calls to mind words written by Timothy Leary and borrowed by John Lennon: turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.