Manifesting and Pushing on Strings

Abstract: When you push against anything you see in your world, that tends to get you more of it, not less. Not only does it not work; instead of pushing it out of your world it actually pulls into your reality more of what you are trying to push away. The technology of our Earth Game reality is based on attraction rather than assertion. Why is that so?

When we want something, we tend to be a little pushy about it. All the more so when we want something to go away; then we really want to give it a shove. Here’s the catch: the technology of metaphysics doesn’t work that way. You absolutely can draw what you want into your personal reality. But you absolutely cannot shove what you don’t want out of your reality.

As with so many aspects of “Earth Game” (see Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness), the mechanics are, for most of us, counter-intuitive. But, we can train ourselves to do what works, and let go of what doesn’t work. You can learn to make the technology of metaphysics work for you.

In a nutshell, you can pull things into your reality, but you can’t push things into (or out of) your reality.

It occurs to me that putting thoughts “out there” is an expressive, masculine energy. There is a “doing” to the creation part. But the manifesting part – precipitating ideas into reality, i.e., actually giving birth to them – seems a more feminine energy. Creating is breathing out. But manifesting is breathing in; it is about receiving. The technology is more let it be than make it be. (Yes, some things you can “make happen”, but an inordinate and exhausting amount of doing is usually involved.)

Imagine a “quantum field” surrounding you, and stretching out forever. In orbit around you are all the possibilities for what could precipitate into your reality in the next while. Most clear and obvious among those possibilities are the ones that have a probability to them. Those probable futures will include, for many aspects of your life, business as usual – i.e., continuance of present structures (irrespective of whether they are mostly good or mostly bad). There may be some dark and unpleasant or frightening things in that orbit. And, there will be some possible futures that shimmer and sparkle and shine. Imagine everything in that orbit as a menu. What will you choose from that menu?

Everything in orbit around the consciousness that is you has already been created. A spark of imagination has put it there – whether decades ago or moments ago. What precipitates out of those possibilities – i.e., what actually manifests in your world – depends on you. A whole lot more than you imagine it does.

So why not just pull down the good stuff, upgrade the mediocre stuff, and say no to the bad stuff? You can! But again, there is a trick to it.

We often want to deal with the bad stuff first – because it tends to creep into our thoughts. We haven’t learned to dismiss such thoughts when they creep in. Those thoughts don’t feel good at all, and so our first order of business often is to focus on the bad stuff so that we can make it go away and only then feel better.

In the category of “bad stuff” are the hurts of the past and fears of the future. Past traumas, struggles, victimizations, injustice, hardship. And fears of future health problems, money problems, relationship problems, or whatever.

Too often, the knee-jerk response is to find something or someone to push against. Push against scarcity, push against unfairness, push against inequality, push against perceived lack of opportunity. Push against what others have done or are doing.

All of which misses the point – because it doesn’t work and can’t work. Let’s explore why that is so.

Our physical reality within Earth Game is absolutely based on attraction. That is, we cause events to precipitate from the quantum field into a personal physical reality that is more subjective and individuated than any of us (including me) are able to grasp. What you will cause to precipitate in any particular regard depends on what you emit, i.e., your vibration. If you are pumping out fear, anger, outrage, victimization, scarcity, or the like, sorry but that is what you will draw into your personal reality.

We tend to ascribe the causation to something out there; i.e., the tendency is to conclude that someone is doing it to you, and if you can just get them to stop doing it to you, then you’ll be fine. Doesn’t work that way. No one else is creating your reality. And you don’t get to create anyone else’s reality. So when you are pushing against others, you are really only pushing against yourself.

As wonderfully channeled sources (i.e., Abraham-Hicks, and Sara Landon) have put it, there is no “law of assertion”; there is only a law of attraction. Like attracts like. The stuff you are cranking out (through your thoughts) is the stuff that your reality, in time, will be made out of.

The absurdity of how we tend to think reality works is demonstrated by the amount of energy people spend pushing against the government (or some level of government). Really? That is the secret to making your life better? – to get the government to deliver it for you? That is so absurd that it is almost funny, although in a tragic way. (Sorry, but I worked in government for many years; that is not where your personal better life will be initiated!)

This is all good news, by the way. You want to make your life better? The answer is you. Even better, you don’t have to fix or rehabilitate or convert or persuade anyone at all. You don’t have to change the world, or even remediate a single other person. No, in “Earth Game” the answer is you, you, you, you, you. Celebrate the truth of that. (And no, don’t get into judgment or regret about the past; point your magic wand only towards your ever-improving future.)

You don’t get to choose for anyone else, though. Those who belong on the stage of your life – for better or for worse – will be there. For example, to the exact extent that you decline the role of victim, there will be no casting call for victimizers in your life. They just won’t show up on the stage of our life. Or, the ones who have long been on your stage will quietly exit.

Here is the practical technique. When you identify something you absolutely don’t want in your Earth Game adventure, you must pivot. Congratulate yourself for successfully identifying exactly what you don’t want, and then use the magic of polarity to construct in your imagination the opposite of the thing you don’t want. And then, in your imagination, feel the feelings of having that reality you want. Explore it in your imagination, play with it, revel in it. Feel the joy, and feel the gratitude. And then spend a whole lot more time thinking about the reality you want and a whole lot less time thinking about the reality you don’t want. And in doing so, you absolutely will pull the good stuff into your reality. Maybe not exactly the way you imagined it, and probably not how you imagined it, but the stuff of it will be the good stuff.

Install a mental buzzer that goes off inside your head every time you find yourself pushing against something or someone. Every time you sense that buzzer, stop, pivot to what you want, and affirm that you are responsible for your world, but you are not responsible for fixing the world. Assiduously train yourself to not spend your precious attention pushing against things you don’t want.

You want to help the world? – show the way. Imagine the future you want, not the present you want to push against. You can’t do that with thoughts framed in the negative (e.g., no more …, or an end to …); instead, you must pivot your thoughts to the positive scenario you want. Put your vision to work – rather than your fears or your anger. Otherwise, you’re still in fear or outrage or powerlessness or victimhood or injustice or whatever – and you can’t manifest from that vantage point the reality you want.

For the record, I’m not saying that you are bad and wrong if you want to push against things. This isn’t about judgment – and it absolutely is not about right and wrong. I’m just saying that pushing against things doesn’t get you where you want to be.

Develop the habit of being conscious about what you are thinking about. Spend a whole lot more time thinking about what you want and what you like, and a whole lot less time thinking about what you don’t want and what you don’t like. Either way, those thoughts are pulling things into your very personal reality. You can’t use your thoughts to push; you can only use them to pull.

Imagine as strings all the things you could spend time thinking about. You can pull on any of those strings. But you can’t push on a string.

Yes, most people around you will carry on trying to create the reality they want by pushing on strings. But you can be in the vanguard of a far more effective technology.

Show ‘em how it’s done!