Dimensions Explained

So much talk of late about 3D, 4D, 5D; can’t tell the dimensions without a program, it seems. Let’s take a moment to sort all that out.

What we call “Spacetime” is three dimensions of space and one of time. The reality we know is therefore four-dimensional. Let’s call that 4D.

Although time seems to us qualitatively different from the three dimensions of space, perhaps it is not quite so different as it appears to be. Einstein made the case that if one travels fast enough – i.e., close to the speed of light – then time will slow down. All dimensions factored in, it seems we make our way through Spacetime at a relatively constant rate. That is consistent with the notion that we are each working our way through a round of “Earth Game” (see Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness).

Let’s put our 4D experience in context. Everything here on Earth is Consciousness expressing itself. Rocks are one-dimensional; they don’t move at all (at least, not on their own). Think of trees and other plants as two-dimensional: they grow upwards. Animals take it to the third dimension: they move around.

Animals do not experience the fourth dimension (time) as we do. Yes, my darling dog (Siri, a soft-coated wheaten terrier named after Sirius the “dog star”) often snuggles up for a cuddle exactly one minute before the alarm is about to go off, and she comes to get me at exactly the (habitual) time for a walk. But those are “now” moments. If I try to talk to her (she does understand hundreds of words) about which of her doggie friends we visited with yesterday or are going to see tomorrow, she runs to the window now. Beyond that, it seems obvious enough that my misguided attempts to teach her about time – i.e., about the past and future – are perplexing and perhaps even annoying for her. No, it’s all about the now for my dog: play now; eat now; cuddle now; sleep now.

All of which makes her a very good role model for me. Be here now, we have long been counselled. And it is true that spending an inordinate amount of time rehashing the past or pondering the future can steal the moment.

So, I pose the question, is there any practical utility to this fourth dimension of time?

There is. I recently came across the notion that our fourth-dimensional experience comes down to self-reflection: Who am I? My dog does not ask that question of herself. But you and I do. It is inherent to our humanness.

Where do we look for the answer to Who am I? We look to our past experiences (including, perhaps, “past lives”). And, we may also look to our future (to our hopes and dreams, and perhaps to our fears). In other words, we look to time.

And so, we each tell our story. If it is mostly a story of love and joy and adventure, certainly no harm there. But too often, we tell a story of hurt or harm or victimhood or powerlessness or tragedy or loss. It is there that the Who am I? narrative so often gets stuck. Even when the story involves triumphing over hurt or harm or victimhood or tragedy, we keep it alive – or bring it back to life.

I will explain in a moment why it is so important to move beyond that stuckness – indeed, to move beyond Who am I?

Let’s talk about what comes after 4D. Yes, we’re talking 5D (duh). Less dense, freer, lighter; more power and more potential. Imagination unleashed. And none of the nasty aspects of the stuff of density, i.e., fear, scarcity, violence and the like. That shift – from 4D to 5D – is now available within Earth Game. And we absolutely should want to make that shift, both individually and collectively.

Here’s the catch. To step up into 5D, you have to move beyond Who am I? And that means you have to let go of your story. Even if it is a story of triumph. At the doorway to 5D, it is no longer about what you have done. And it most certainly is not about what you are going to do. No, you do not earn your way across that threshold. The sole currency for admission is being. Admittedly, this does not square at all with the notion, taught by many religions, that you must earn your way into Heaven. We might usefully encourage ourselves to get over all that.

As for being what, that comes when you move beyond the amnesia that begins every round of Earth Game. Eventually, you shake off that amnesia and come to recognize yourself as an individuated spark of God/Goddess / All That Is / the Universe / the Creator. That realization is about being rather than anything you have done or intend to do, and it has no anchor or tether to the past or the future. In that realization, there is nothing to earn, nothing to prove, nothing to atone for, nothing to fix. And it is a full and compete answer (and the only full and complete answer) to the Who am I? question. As the old saying goes, no longer seeing yourself as a human being having a spiritual experience, but rather a spiritual being having a human experience. At that point of realization, you will be ready for the next level.

When you make that step into the next level, you will still be “here” within Earth Game. There will still be, as part of your adventure and for your enjoyment, the 1D mineral kingdom and the 2D plant kingdom and the 3D animals and the 4D humans. And there will be you. Still here, but joyfully experiencing Earth Game in 5D – with a freedom and personal power previously unimagined. May we rendezvous there.