Your Three Brains

You have three brains. If you are like most Earthlings, you may be mostly using only one of them. We’ll talk here about how to get your other two brains working for you.

By “you”, I am referring here to the consciousness that is who you really are – i.e., the bit of “Consciousness” or “God” that is having an adventure here through you. Consciousness does that through you by pretending to be separate from itself (i.e., All-That-Is) and by adventuring here in this world of density and polarity and illusion. And, by having that part of itself (i.e., you) be something of an amnesiac.

If, contrary to the above supposition, you were thinking that “you” are your physical brain, guess again. Somehow you know that the real you is more than that. To take a simple experiment, take a moment to physically point to yourself. Did you point to your brain? – not likely.

None of which is to denigrate the physical human brain, which is a truly wonderful processor of sensory images and a spectacularly good computer. But, the physical brain is by design limited to (i) perceiving what the physical senses feed in and (ii) computing based on the physical realm. There is much more than that going on here within “Earth Game”. The ethereal (the quantum realm) and so much more is mostly beyond your physical brain’s purview. Again, that is by design. Your physical brain is designed to be taken in by the illusions brilliantly woven into our Earthly reality. But, you don’t need to stop there.

So, let’s talk about the other two brains, how to access them, and how to get them working for you. Then, we’ll circle back to how best to deploy each of your three brains (including your wonderful physical brain) here in Earth Game.

Your Intuitive Brain

Sometimes we react to information that comes in via our physical senses; the traffic light turns green, we move forward. But sometimes information comes in other than via physical senses. Sometimes you just know. You don’t know how you know, but you can feel the truth (or falsehood) of something. You know what you are drawn toward, and what inexplicably gives you the heebie-jeebies. This is the Intuitive Brain dipping into the quantum world and experience it through what I have described (in Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness) as the uncommon senses.

It should not be too surprising that you can sometime sense things in the quantum field. Animals do that all the time. If you have a dog, you may have observed that they sometimes seem to know things they shouldn’t be able to know. Well, you do too. But, you have to turn down the constant noise generated by your Physical Brain to sense what your Intuitive Brain is tuning into.

The Intuitive Brain is non-physical in nature, but it is sourced through the pineal gland – aka the sixth chakra, aka the “third eye”. If you focus meditatively on that centre, you should be able to feel a subtle hum or energy that you can use to activate your access to what you might think of as the “cosmic brain”, i.e., the knowledge and wisdom of the Universe itself. (If you feel you need a more physical way to activate the pineal and thus the Intuitive Brain, I suggest you Google “Joe Dispenza pineal” and explore there.)

Through the Intuitive Brain, you can access past, present and future. You can instantly know – without sorting through the details – the ramifications and repercussions of everything. If you think of your “Physical Brain” as you with a pencil and paper trying to do long division, then think of your Intuitive Brain as a calculator that instantly just pops out the answer. You won’t know how they got the answer, but you can trust that it has factored in everything – including a whole lot of information you couldn’t otherwise access no matter how tirelessly you gather and analyze data available to your physical senses.

I find the surest sign that I have reached across the veil and tapped into the Intuitive Brain is a delightful “truth tingle” that sometimes accompanies the thinking of a thought. I know that I can trust the fundamental truth of that thought. I may misinterpret it, I may jump to conclusions, I may extrapolate incorrectly from it, but in my experience the basic truth of any “truth tingle” thought has never been belied.

Admittedly, there is a distinction to be made between the wisdom of the Intuitive Brain and the snap judgments that are a function of pre-existing beliefs, subconscious programming, and uninformed biases. When humans are sure about something, that sureness can emanate from either category. But, there is a difference. The Intuitive Brain will bring a knowing without a certainty; some part of you will instinctively doubt the knowing even as it rings true to you. Conversely, the other category will bring a self-assured certainty without any knowing at all. If this seems too semantic a distinction for you, then perhaps take the trouble to activate and access your pineal gland / sixth chakra and pose your question (i.e., whatever question you are contemplating) once your consciousness feels situated there. With practice, you will become familiar with the different feeling you get from knowing (which always seems to be accompanied by some doubt, courtesy of the ever-skeptical Physical Brain) vs. certainty (which is often a self-satisfied conclusion of the very same Physical Brain).

As an aside, I observe that collectively we seem to prefer the logic and reason and observations of the Physical Brain. The Physical Brain – and especially the human/psyche/ego created by it – hates uncertainty, because uncertainty tends to make it feel uncomfortable and unsafe. And yet, think of how often we have collectively locked in to Earth-is-flat conclusions to the point of being ready to destroy anyone who dares to cast doubt on those conclusions. Should we assume that being collectively just-plain-wrong about things is something that happened only in the past and no longer ever happens? Can we at least check in with the Intuitive Brain on occasion to see if we are as on-track as our mental calculations conclude we are?

Your Feeling Brain

I described in Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness how, when you can move your consciousness into your heart centre (by focusing on the heart chakra), you can tap into a wisdom that transcends the illusions that your Physical Brain can’t get past. You can easily experiment with this; as soon as you can feel that you are coming from your heart centre, whatever issue you are contemplating will instantly look and feel different.

Whereas the Physical Brain will trot out all the reasons you should or shouldn’t do something, you instantly stop shoulding on yourself when your consciousness has moved into your heart centre. The answers that come are clear, obvious, and remarkably concise. Whenever you find yourself having compiled a list of pros and cons that generates no real clarity, that is a good time to turn to your Feeling Brain for guidance.

The answers that come will emanate from a knowing of your plan for this lifetime and your uniqueness. They will take into account every interconnection and every consequence – including impact on others.

Turning to the Feeling Brain will be most instructive when you are pondering the big decisions, i.e., things that matter. For example, I don’t know that I would poll my Feeling Brain when deciding which brand of laptop or television to purchase. However, that does not restrict the utility of the Feeling Brain to what we tend to think of as “matters of the heart”. When I was practising law, I would counsel younger lawyers to “feel your way” when assessing which among complex go-forward options would be most likely to succeed. You might be surprised how effective that can be.

Where do the Intuitive Brain and the Feeling Brain come from?

You might reasonably ask: If I am to give credence to this notion that I have an Intuitive Brain and a Feeling Brain, then tell me just where these two brains are coming from? Good question. They are not emanating from the physical you, obviously. Yes, I have mentioned the pineal gland (sixth chakra) and the heart (fourth chakra) as the respective places to source these two brains. But think of those as only the “on switch”. What you are sourcing in each case is from beyond the physical – i.e., from the other side of the spirit/matter Duality.

Once you reach into the other side of the Duality between spirit and matter, you are tapped into, well, everything. It seems to me that the Feeling Brain is ultimately connected to the Divine Feminine (i.e., the heart of Yin) and the Intuitive Brain has its connection to the Divine Masculine (i.e., the core of Yang). If this supposition strikes you as a bit of an overreach, consider the logic of it. Your consciousness is a fractal of All-That-Is; like a piece of a hologram, the essence of who you are contains the whole. That larger you is absolutely connected to everything – including all knowledge and wisdom, past, present, and future. Indeed, the notion that everything that is (including you and me) is part of a wholeness that is the implicate order of things remains the best explanation for entanglement as a demonstrated precept of quantum physics. (Admittedly, quantum scientists for the most part have not been able to bring themselves to follow David Bohm down the delightful rabbithole of wholeness to see where it might lead.)

The price of admission, though, is that you must bring with you at least a scintilla of belief. I suspect that something in the order of “hmm … maybe … just maybe …” would be enough to get you through the gates. Eventually, and with practice, to look upon yourself as the proverbial universe in a grain of sand. But for now, to allow yourself at least occasionally to avail yourself of knowledge and wisdom beyond the limitations of your Physical Brain.

Conversely, if you refuse to believe anything of interconnectedness and entanglement, you may bar the door to any information or guidance coming from beyond the veil. In which case, you will be left to rely solely on the relatively clueless Physical Brain and its ability to compute based on very limited sensory data. But, if you can open the door even a crack and begin to make use of the Otherworldly Wide Web, then I suggest the sky is the limit for you.

Putting it all together

The key to getting all three brains working is to sense each of them as distinct from “you”, i.e., the consciousness that you are. Whenever you do that, you sever the illusion that you are the human/psyche/ego self constructed by the Physical Brain as it tries to make sense of things and create safety. (A good starting place might be either of the two wonderful books by Michael A. Singer, to whom it seemed obvious that he was something other and something more than the constant chatter being generated from his Physical Brain.)

Imagine (ideally, in the course of meditation) that you (again, the real you, being the bit of Consciousness that you are) have called your three brains together. The purpose of the meeting is for you (sensed as your consciousness) to assign functions to each of them. Here is an example of how such a meeting might be conducted:

Physical Brain, your mission is “Theme Park Earth”. Your job is to take it all in. Focus on those exquisite physical senses, and don’t miss a thing. Look upon the many beauties of nature; take in as many sunrises and sunsets as your schedule allows – and really see them (as opposed to walking toward the sunset while trying to solve worldly problems). See flowers and bees and trees and leaves and mountains and oceans and rain and snow. Feel every breeze. Taste – really taste – every strawberry or peach. Touch and caress where you can. Smell every scent in nature. Listen enraptured to the music that sounds most beautiful to you. And be absolutely alive and in the moment during your every waking hour.

Don’t bother trying to figure it all out. Mostly just be in awe and wonder, and appreciate and enjoy the adventure that has been laid out for you. In particular, don’t try to figure out what happens next or what your role in it all might be; the other two brains are much better suited to all that.

Do, however, attain whatever level of understanding you feel you need in order to trust the other brains to chart a course. I realize that you will need things to “make sense” in order for you to focus on your job – rather than trying to steer a course based on having figured out details that you really aren’t capable of figuring out.

Your role is to be my interface with physical reality; you are brilliantly designed for that role. Just follow the path as it sequentially lights up for you – and handle all the calculations necessary to traverse that path. You are very good at calculating a path once you have a heading to follow.

Intuitive Brain, you sense the way. You are tapped into the wisdom of the Universe and all its intricacies. Unlike my Physical Brain, you are not limited by space and time; you can grasp the ineffable. You understand the big picture (i.e., the really big picture) of creation and evolution and the grand adventure of Consciousness of which I am a tiny part.

I give you the role of knowing when and where and how – and whispering to me as much as I need to know when I need to know it. I promise to be listening for your whispers.

I have a special request for you. I sense a “Next Level” here within Earth Game. I want to explore there. I don’t exactly know how to get there, or what it will be like when I do. But you do. So, take me there. Please place my order with the Universe. You can fill in all the details. Of course, I want it all to be filled with joy and love and abundance and wellbeing; but I’m sure you would include all that in any event. I promise not to meddle with the “how” or the “what” or any other details; you have carte blanche authority. And, I promise that when you tell me what I need to release or let go of or detach from, I will find my way to do just that.

Feeling Brain, you will always know whether we are on course or off course. You are imbued with a sense of the uniqueness that my little bit of Consciousness brings to the table. And you can feel the way to expressing that in a way that contributes to the world and serves the whole – while in the process delivering the beautiful feeling of fulfillment.

Also, you always seem to know what will light me up and fill me with joy. When embarking upon (or avoiding embarking upon) whatever “doings” I find along my way, I promise to check in with you to see whether what I think I want (or don’t want) is coming from the truest part of me. If I forget, do tap me on the shoulder from time to time. (Hopefully, I won’t need the whack upside the head that the Universe sometimes delivers when I shut you out.)

So, please take the wheel. My Intuitive Brain will have charted a course; make it so. Make adjustments as needed along the way to keep me on course. Go by feel; I know I can trust your judgment along the way.

I have a special request for you as well. I want to make a difference here in Earth Game. I want to somehow do something – however miniscule or grand – to advance the evolution of Consciousness within this particular theatre. I want to somehow serve the cause. I want to be of service to others here playing Earth Game, and I want to be of service to the whole. Guide me in whatever way will allow me to contribute all I can to all that. Not, of course, in a self-sacrificing way; I really do want to thoroughly enjoy “Theme Park Earth” and all its delights. But, you know that enjoying the ride and contributing what I can are not in opposition. So, I do promise to trust your guidance along the way.

Okay three brains, let’s be about an adventure here.

Just to be clear, you as the consciousness that you are should not to be looking to abdicate your decision-making to any of your three brains. Free will – fundamental tenet that it is – rests with you, consciousness. Neither your Intuitive Brain nor your Feeling Brain will seek to wrest that from you; they will only offer you guidance and insight. Conversely, your Physical Brain (i.e., the human/psyche/ego constructed by it) will tend to want to make all the decisions. However, as we have seen, it has the least knowledge and wisdom to contribute to any decision-making that involves more than relatively mechanical computation based on fully known factors. Which, as we know, will have no application to the vast majority of decisions that actually matter as you make your way through Earth Game.

You might reasonably wonder: What if the Intuitive Brain and Feeling Brain disagree on a particular point? In my experience, they never do. They will have entirely different perspectives on any particular question, but somehow their answers are always congruent; i.e., they fit together as seamlessly as the classic Yin-Yang symbol nestles within itself. You may be thinking of the “classical dilemma between the head and the heart”. But that wrestling match is almost always between the physical head (i.e., your Physical Brain) and your Feeling Brain. If you find yourself perceiving that your Intuitive Brain and your Feeling Brain seem to be at odds, then double-check your connection to your Intuitive Brain. You might instead be plugged into your human/ego/psyche (i.e., your Physical Brain) posing as a self-assured know-it-all because the urges of your Feeling Brain are scaring the heck out of it.

To illustrate how your three brains can work together, I will relate here an experience from many years ago. I had not then sorted out the concepts explored in this essay, but even then I think I understood a thing or two about intuition.

An opportunity had presented itself to me that would change the course of my legal career. I immediately was of two minds; there was an obvious inner conflict about whether to accept or decline the opportunity. I recall taking charge of the inner conversation that was raging. “I can hear two of you talking at the same time, and I can’t clearly hear either of you. I’m going to go for a walk around [a large tree-lined grounds with a walkway around it] and hear you out one at a time.”

The first voice to pipe up, I now realize, was my Physical Brain. It laid out with a detailed and eloquent logic (it does love logic) how I had earned the opportunity and was deserving of the recognition and prestige that the opportunity offered. As this voice completed its rather lengthy pitch, I was halfway around the grounds. Over to you, second voice (which I now realize was my Feeling Brain), I said. I was expecting a similarly detailed counter-argument. All it said was two words: “Look up.” As I lifted my gaze, right in front of me, only a few feet away, was a large sign with “Wrong Way” in big red letters.

In a heartbeat, I could feel that was the correct answer, and that I would decline the opportunity. Whereupon what I now realize was my Intuitive Brain chimed in with just enough (and no more) reason and logic to keep my Physical Brain from being determined to somehow appeal the decision or go best-two-out-of-three.

In time, I would come to fully understand how the opportunity would not have served my path. My Feeling Brain and my Intuitive Brain had the benefit of foresight that my Physical Brain could not possibly have accessed.

No question, in Earth Game, three brains are better than one.