My Take on 2024

I had not expected to receive such a clear indication that 2024 is destined to be a happening kind of year. I have a habit of meditatively tuning into the energies of a new month – or a new year – to see what I can feel. January 1st came in loud. A clarion call. The “story arc” of Earth Game is about to ramp up; the plot thickens. Humanity is about to take a step forward.

I cautioned myself not to be Charlie Brown thinking he was finally going to kick the football. But, no “Lucy” in sight. Rather, the clear message was All Systems Go … Prepare For Lift-off … Engage!

The clarion call: to be resolute, determined; even defiant. The call to action: to love. To refuse to harbor a single thought that is contrary to love. To refuse to hate, to judge, or to condemn. To reject each and every notion of “Us against Them”.

The call was not to a soft and mushy love; certainly not a resigned “leave evil to do as evil does”. The maxim “You get what you put up with” continues to have application. However, even as we collectively do what must be done and clean up messes that must be cleaned up, we can do all that from a place of love. Rejecting ancient hatreds, refusing all thoughts of judgment and separation. And definitively dismissing everything we have been taught or have learned about when and why and whom we ought not to love. The phrase “Warriors of Love” came to mind. Hmm, I thought to myself; perhaps that is not the oxymoron I would have supposed it to be.

The current mission: to recognize a Oneness among humanity. No longer merely a theoretical construct or ideal. But rather as something grasped, and perhaps even lived. To let in the adopted meaning of “Namaste”: The God in me recognizes the God in you. In every encounter and every thought. Whether in relation to my neighbours or in reaction to those whom I consider to be driving too slow or too fast. At home or at the gym or the grocery store or the dog park, or when I see a homeless “encampment”. Can I really do that?, I wondered inside my head; can we collectively do that? It seems somehow an imperative at this juncture.

Of course, animals and plants and the Earth itself should also be objects of that determined love. But, it does seem that it is in relation to humans that we mostly find reasons to hit the “off” switch when it comes to love. (Although, it occurs to me that I may have some work to do relative to magpies and mosquitos.)

For individuals, the personal year will mirror the broader “story arc” of the year. There will be a “push” to the year; there will be a call to inner action. No spectators, no benchwarmers, no one remains on the sidelines. For each of us, a purging of sorts. That makes sense: if the “Next Level” of Earth Game calls, we can’t take our “baggage” along. For each of us, that will mean confront your demons. For some, perhaps only a minor clean-up operation; a final tidying before boarding a (metaphorical) flight. For others, perhaps a first step out of a long and painful darkness. But all will be prompted to take a step forward. The stakes will be high: depending on one’s willingness to take that step, there will be an element of either self-redemption or self-destruction. It is almost as if the lessons have progressed far enough that it is time for “sink or swim”: in 2024 each of us will (metaphorically) be tossed into the deep end of our own pool.

None of this is about “fixing” as such. No, it is about releasing, letting go of old beliefs and old wounds that hold us back.

The limiting belief that is perhaps the greatest tragedy of our times is the belief held by many (far too many), that nothing matters and that they don’t matter. Perhaps compassion and love and a determinedly non-judgmental helping hand can assist at least some to rise above that tragic belief in 2024.

The net results, in terms of world events in 2024, can be expected to be a mixed bag. The aggregation of how we individually fare will undoubtedly produce good, bad, and ugly. We should expect the “ugly” to occur only to the extent that we need to collectively create intolerable situations as an impetus for change. And, the “good” should begin to prevail.

Beyond 2024, I have recently come across two suggestions (each on Alex Ferrari’s “Next Level Soul” podcast) that 2026 is looking like it may be the year of the “Big Reveal” – i.e., when humanity will confront hard evidence of things that will forever shift the collective consciousness. I have no personal sense of that, but it does seem that “Earth Game” is progressively amping up, building to something beyond what we have known.

When I think about it from a numerological perspective, 2024 is an “8” year, indicating a powerful, action-packed year; and 2026 is a “1” year, indicating new beginnings. So in each case that would seem to corroborate the above musings. (Yes, the numbering of our years began somewhat arbitrarily – and in a sense inaccurately – a couple of centuries ago, but perhaps there is no coincidence to any of that.)

In regard to all of this, to borrow a well-known line: You may say I’m a dreamer. But I strongly suspect I’m not the only one.

As a coda to my meditation on 2024, a mostly-forgotten holiday song began to play in my head: Do You Hear What I Hear?