Metaphysics – Across the Bridge

Into the mystic. If it is your time, you know. The wake-up call is unmistakable. Either you just know there is something more. Or you can feel that something is missing. Or you’ve (finally) had enough of watching a movie (i.e., your life) that just isn’t working for you.

And yet, many respond to the wake-up call by hitting the snooze alarm. Again, and again. And the ennui or the malaise or the horror movie plays on.

The reason, for many, is that what I have called the next level of “Earth Game” just seems too far-fetched, too “out there”. (See in that regard Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness, and the discussion of “Earth Game Version 4”.) They can’t find the logic of it. And so they go back to sleep. Again.

But that’s not you. If you’re reading this, we can assume you are ready for something different, something more, something lighter and more freeing. If you are wavering, let me help you to cross the bridge. Or, if you are already across the bridge, to help you avoid those moments when a timid and frightened voice within you calls you to retreat back across the bridge. (Doesn’t actually work anyway; you can’t “re-Muggle” yourself once you have caught a glimpse beyond the illusions. All you can do is progressively numb yourself.)

Understanding can help you cross – and stay across – the bridge. Making sense of metaphysics can silence the contrarian chatter that stops you from moving forward or exhorts you to retreat.

My premise is that metaphysics makes all the sense in the world. But only if you will look closely enough, so as to peer behind the illusions so brilliantly designed into “Earth Game”. If instead you elect to run mostly on “auto-pilot”, those illusions will hold sway – you will not see the higher logic (and the empowered create-your-own-reality magic) that lies beyond them.

“Understanding” is a curious word. We use it to mean the precepts that we stand upon, as foundation – rather than what we stand under. Yes, scholars of etymology point out that the components of the word, at their root, can mean to stand amid or among, rather than “under”. But I will offer a different perspective. I invite you to look at your conception of the nature of reality and the meaning and purpose of your life as an overarching umbrella – in effect, your sky. Translated into the concept of “Earth Game”, what game are you playing here?

Which “sky” do you want to “stand under”? The one where everything in the underlying reality happens to be a random fluke, where it’s all about atomic and subatomic particles bumping into each other? That route, at a more personal level, unavoidably degenerates into a perpetual quest to get other Earth Game participants (be they family members or co-workers or elected officials) to behave the way you want them to. Yuck. Or, will you ponder as your “sky” one where you are an active and powerful participant in an awe-inspiring exploration designed just so we could participate in it?

Understanding is not enough, of course. If it were, all the quantum physicists in the world would, in unison, say “Hey, this matter stuff is illusion; this isn’t about particles bumping into particles at all; there is something way more interesting going on here – and our thoughts, our consciousness, appear to be at the center of it.” Admittedly, some scientists have embraced this path; see for instance anything written by Amit Goswami PhD. But for the most part, for a century much of science has declined an exploration that can’t easily be reconciled with the known, while preferring to “shut up and calculate” (a phrase that became somewhat famous in the parlance of quantum physics).

None of the above was a function of humans being stupid or bad or wrong. The illusions are supposed to hold sway; our brains are designed to be taken in by them. (See in that regard the discussion of the five illusions your brain can’t get past, in Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness.) Until, that is, it is time to move beyond them. The timing of which is a very individual thing. But, increasingly, we are ready for the next level of this adventure.

Unlike our science, which often prefers to confine itself to working from the known, inching forward from there, a philosophical approach to metaphysics braves the unknown, and dares to ponder the why and how of it.

At its root, “metaphysics” means what comes after, or beyond, physics. Beyond the illusion of matter, what is really going on here within “Earth Game”? A century ago, quantum physics teased us beyond classical physics. It is time for the next leap.

It is a fabulous exploration. No equations are involved, no science degree is required. Once you catch a glimpse beyond the illusions – when it becomes sufficiently obvious to you that this reality is disguising (and brilliantly so) what it actually is – then things get interesting. If you look closely enough, you will see that this reality is about thought – your thoughts – interacting with a programmed reality that only appears to be made up of matter. Consciousness interacting within consciousness. All playing out on a scale and complexity that can leave you in a state of perpetual awe and wonder and joy if you will let it in.

And, if you will look closely enough, you can get way better at crafting your very personal experience within “Earth Game”. Far from being “crazy-making”, a metaphysical perspective applied to your day-to-day life can bring a comforting understanding of the apparent craziness of the world around you. (Which craziness won’t be going away anytime soon, BTW.)

So, into the mystic? Anchored in a higher logic and making a whole lot more sense than you ever thought might lie in that direction?

Let’s have a conversation across the bridge.