Earth Game as God’s Stories

We love stories. Television series, movies – almost always they are stories. Books, often stories (whether fiction, biographies, or histories). Think of how consistently we look to stories to entertain ourselves. Indeed, the “Hero’s Journey” written about by Joseph Campbell and others is the foundation for so many of our most-loved stories. Even as toddlers, we delighted in bedtime stories read to us. We might usefully step back and ponder why all that is so.

I have offered a perspective of our reality as the play of God (double entendre intended); “Earth Game”. Beyond being a game, an equally valid perspective is that it is a story. Creation has its story. Earth has its story – including the story of humankind on Earth. And, each and every one of us has our own story – fractals, as we are, within the larger stories of which we are a part.

Author Urrea Jones titled his most recent book Without Stories, There Is No Universe, Existence, Reality or You. I find his writing has a poetic feel to it; I think of him as the Leonard Cohen of metaphysics. I do think he is onto something about the central nature of stories in our individual and collective reality.

Even our night dreams are stories, albeit ones that are often poorly crafted. When the Consciousness that we are checks out and leaves the physical brain to do its work of filing and self-therapy, what does it do along the way? It constructs stories! Admittedly, often with plot problems, discontinuities, and irrational turns. (So often I have awoken to the thought of “Who writes this stuff?”. But, we know the answer to that; for the most part it is the physical brain, trying to copy what Consciousness does in our awakened hours.)

Coming back to why stories seem so central to our existence, I think at least part of the answer is that we are made in God’s image (i.e., “God” in the sense of the Creator / Source / Consciousness / All-That-Is). God loves games; so we love games. God loves humor (I swear God has a robust sense of humor); ergo, we love humor. Similarly, God loves stories, and that is why we love stories.

Think of creation itself as “God’s Story”. That is, God’s big story. The Universe (and other Universes): God’s big story. Stepping down to the story of galaxies, including our galaxy. And stepping down further to the stories of individual planets, including our planet. From cosmological constants to the constructs of physics, geometry, mathematics, biology, and music – all part of God’s Story. Part of that story: Earth’s Story. Exquisitely crafted and designed, meticulously planned, and set in motion. And playing out before our eyes.

Of course, every story needs a “wild card”, a turn of events, an element of uncertainty, even conflict. That is where we come in. Into the deterministic perfection of creation is tossed the wild card of free will. Which, for greater entertainment value, is to be exercised from a place of amnesia and illusion. Whereupon God kicks back with a (metaphorical) beer and popcorn and watches the show. Cheering our every success, of course, but also cringing each time we inexplicably guide ourselves into the dark alleyways of whatever reality we select from a spectacularly broad array of potential plotlines.

Think of our individual stories as “God’s stories”. Yes, your personal story – including all the details of your life and your biological ancestry and all your “past lives” – is in truth a story woven by God. All through you, of course; in your present lifetime, the only name on the credits is yours. But since “you” are a tiny bit of God having an adventure, your individual story is one of God’s stories.

Of course, we live out our individual stories in the context of, and within, the bigger stories: Earth’s Story, the story of our galaxy, the story of our Universe, the story of creation. But, we are fractals, out on the fringe, exploring whatever we may encounter in our particular section of the timeline of creation.

So, in light of the above perspective, what should we individually be trying to do with our “fractal story”? Well, since the point of all of this is God’s entertainment, why not show God a good time in your individual story? That is, why not load up your story with as much love, joy, play, fun, and adventure as you can pack into it? Of course, focus on experiencing the physical realm that God went to great lengths to design and create. And, do enjoy the multi-player aspect of the game; interact, cooperate, team up, and love the heck out of each other. Do take care to avoid the trap of thinking you are somehow competing against the other fractals of God for scarce resources. (God clearly created for itself a place to play that is premised on abundance, not scarcity.) Perhaps most importantly, don’t let your interface with physicality (i.e., ego) become confusedly distracted into thinking that the object of the exercise is somehow to earn love and gain recognition from other players. No, keep your eye on the ball. God’s game, God’s adventure, God’s story; revel in it. This is your show; you are the star of your own movie. Shine your light, and enjoy every scene – even the more somber ones.

Too often, our individual stories get “stuck”. There is the wound, the hurt, the victimization, the anger, the fear that it will happen again, or the sadness too deep to move beyond. But as so many transcendent individual stories have illustrated, you can edit those stories, change those plotlines, chart a different storyline for upcoming episodes. Believe it or don’t, but you are in the director’s chair, and you have full editorial say about what direction to go next.

Besides, in the times we are currently traversing, there are new items on the menu, i.e., new storylines available for selection. New abilities, greater access to information and guidance, the potential for significantly greater longevity, and various emerging technologies that not long ago would have been relegated to the realm of “magic”. There has never been a better time to take your personal story to the “next level”.

Beyond the individual story (i.e., the fractal story) that is you, you are also part of bigger stories. You are part of “Earth’s Story”, and bigger even than that, part of “God’s Story”. Perhaps, like me, you sometimes find yourself pondering how you might participate in and contribute to “Earth’s Story”. No, not from some ego place of recognition or legacy or importance, or from some misguided place of fixing and saving; none of those things are what God is looking for from us. Rather, from a place of “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play today”. It’s a good story, Earth’s Story – a vibrant, exciting story, with all the plot elements that we have come to love, and with the storyline now in a pivotal stage. We are all in that movie, playing whatever roles may be asked of us from time to time. Whenever and as often as your name is called, do step forward with enthusiasm and excitement, and play your part.