Tuning Your Frequency

Let’s recap: your thoughts generate your emotions, which generate your frequency. Your frequency constitutes the “stuff” that will be precipitating into your reality and finding form in your physical world. To attempt a slightly scientific (albeit simplistic) description of how that works, it is your frequency in relation to a particular subject-matter that selects from the waves of possibility whatever best matches that frequency. Which waves of possibility then drop into the physicality of your world, by becoming particles of matter that your brain can observe.

Bottom line: frequency is hugely important. To illustrate, think of something that tends to strongly trigger you in an unpleasant way. Didn’t feel good, did it? And, you plunged (or further plunged) your frequency in that moment. Let’s erase that. Think of something you absolutely love. A taste, a smell, a touch, perhaps. A favorite song. Fall colors, the sound of ocean waves on the shore, a resplendent full moon, the softness of a pet’s fur, whatever. Aahhh. You just up-leveled your frequency.

The catch is that we tend to believe that our thoughts are unavoidably in reaction to what is going on around us. We’ve even learned to deliberately focus attention on what is in the world of physicality. Not to knock appreciating the wonders of this physical reality or the practical utility of “situational awareness”, but you can get stuck there. Can you see how that can shift the process from an active one (creating) to a passive one (reacting)? The “magic wand” of your ability to decide what to pay attention to can get switched off.

The irony is that we think we see things because they are there; the reality is that things are there because we see them. At a quantum level, it is observing the particle that causes it to pop into existence. It really does feel like you are responding to the events of your life. But, as with so many of the illusions programmed into “Earth Game”, it is in large measure the opposite: the events of your life are mostly unfolding in response to you.

The above catch is exacerbated by the common tendency to focus on the negative. Perhaps that has its roots in evolutionary survival mechanisms – where a proclivity to look for danger may have carried a survival advantage. Or perhaps it is mostly a function of what has become “news” in our world. For instance, the lead story in weather “news” is not about the mostly pleasant and generally ordinary weather being experienced on any given day by most humans; rather, the story is wherever the biggest natural disaster or anomaly happens to be occurring (or potentially occurring). On roadways, there is no story about the preponderance of generally courteous and law-abiding and skilled drivers; no, the story is about the most devastating accident that has recently occurred. In the news, what sells is what triggers; the more fear or anger a particular reporting generates, the greater the buzz. Rarely does the news report good behavior.

All of which appears to put you mostly behind the eight ball in terms of thinking thoughts that will generate feeling good and thereby lift your frequency so as to move you in the direction of the life you would love to live.

And yet, you are at the helm. In (almost) any moment, you can focus your attention wherever you choose. Yes, it is extremely difficult to do that effectively when you are enmeshed in any kind of crisis. But short of that, you can practice becoming the master of your thoughts and thus your emotions and thus your frequency.

You can do that by being very conscious of what you are paying attention to from moment to moment. Wherever you are, look for beauty rather than ugliness. If nothing else, just marvel at the majesty and brilliance of the design of “Earth Game”. Of course, it will be easier to do all that while walking in the woods rather than being stuck in rush hour traffic. You can progressively nudge the routines of your life in directions that will make it easier to find – and focus upon – beauty and joy and peace and love. A key will be to focus on what your physical senses are registering in the now – rather than letting your attention be led away into either the past or the future.

Beyond the above, you can jumpstart the process of lifting your frequency by focusing your attention directly on frequency. Let’s do that through the metaphor of a radio dial that, with a little imagination, you can tune as you choose.

For those who have yet to catch a glimpse beyond the illusions brilliantly designed into “Earth Game” (see Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness), it can be as if there is a single radio station. A station that is all news and political agendas and heated arguments; no music, lots of commercials. We’ll call that radio station “The Way the World Is”. For those individuals, their “radio” is permanently tuned to that one station.

For others, they have a few FM stations programmed in. But, those too often include “Struggle FM” or “No Money Blues” or “Only the Lonely” or “Outrage FM” or “Victim FM” or “Fear FM” or “Conspiracy Theory FM”. Not a fun selection.

Imagine instead a myriad of FM stations. Each is broadcasting all the time. Tune in to whichever station suits your mood. For me, my programmed-in stations include “Joy FM”, the “All Nature” station, “Love FM”, “Fun FM”, “Abundance FM”, and “Fulfillment FM”. The point is that yours can be whatever you want to program in.

To do this, you will need to actively imagine (ideally, in meditation), the frequency of the archetypal energy that you want to feel. Imagine setting the dial to “peace” or “safety” or “joy” or “health” or “vitality” or “love” or whatever strikes your fancy in the moment. Then use your imagination to feel for the pure essence of that energy.

Just for fun, let’s imagine a unique and remarkable place on that dial of frequencies. This one is subtle; if you scan quickly, you would likely go right past it. But if you hold the quiet, you can sense it; you know it’s in there. Tune manually, slowly, feeling for it. Ah, there it is – you can feel it click in. And in the moment, you sense yourself soaring upwards (energetically). Into a frequency where all the denser frequencies – all the woes and worries of the world – seem so far away that it is those frequencies that seem imaginary. Now, listen to the music. And let yourself begin to dance. Feel the lightness, the freedom, the pure joy. Sense possibilities opening up in front of you. Unencumbered by anything.

If you are ready for “Earth Game Version 4” (again, see Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness) or fifth-dimensional living or “heaven on earth” or “ascension” – or however you want to describe the next level of your Earth Game experience – the above technique might help you on your way.

So, what’s it going to be for you? What station(s) will you choose to program in as the soundtrack to your life? Are you ready to dance?