Mastering Polarity

Polarity is the stuff of density. As such, it is fundamental to the construction of the physical plane, i.e., the denser reality that necessarily follows from being confined to three dimensions of space and one of time.

At the one end of any Polarity is the real – or at least more real than what we perceive. At the other end of any Polarity is the maya, or illusion aspect of the archetypal stuff of the Polarity. At some level, all Polarity is a reflection of the dichotomy between Oneness (real) and separateness (illusion).

If I may attempt a Tao-ish perspective, the Way is to achieve just enough separation from God / All-That-Is so that we can look upon the creator and behold creation. Not so much separation that we get lost and feel alone and powerless. Just enough separation.

We tend to get Polarity wrong. We try to win at Polarity; to have the good defeat the evil. To stamp out the “wrong” end of whatever Polarity is being encountered. To create a personal utopia where there is no dark side; and, consequentially, to force everyone else into that utopia. That never works, and cannot work. (And yes, apparently it has been tried – on worlds that came long before “Earth Game”.) No, we will experience a world of Polarity for so long as we are in the physical. What we can do, though, is to achieve a mastery of Polarity – so that it no longer terrorizes us and seems to battle us.

No, it is not about winning at Polarity, no matter how hard we try. There is no way to lock in a reality where fear cannot creep in. To live in a gated community in order to keep the fear out; that only reminds one at every entry and every exit that there are things to fear outside the gates. To desperately seek the perfect relationship with the perfect soulmate so that love will always be assured no matter what; that is by no means a recipe for happily ever after. To amass enough wealth that abundance cannot be threatened by any manner of scarcity; no, reality will find a way to intrude upon that. To determinedly and desperately pursue the healthiest of healthy habits while living in constant fear of illness or aging; surely the pervading fear will find a way to win that battle. The negative pole of a Polarity cannot be defeated through warring against it.

We even get Polarity wrong in terms of vibration. (To recap, the frequency of vibration that our individual and collective consciousness generates in relation to any particular aspect of our personal or collective reality will tend to generate situations and events that match the vibration we are emitting.) We tend to assiduously attempt to banish (i.e., end) the negative pole (i.e., the aspect based in separateness and illusion) of any Polarity. Focusing determinedly on the light while denying the existence of the dark will only push the darkness down – only to find a way to come at us from behind. You cannot run from Polarity.

No, neither response from the fight-or-flight menu provides an avenue for mastering Polarity.

I recently came across, and share here, a different suggested way to navigate any troubling Polarity. Where, for example, fear presents, do not attempt to battle it, and do not attempt to run from it. Instead, try this: when fear presents, call it forward, as if the sensation were right in front of you. Sense it, acknowledge its presence, look it in the eye (so to speak). Know it. Just sit with it – as detached and impassive as you can muster. Then, call up (as best you can) the divine love that you know is the true stuff of all creation (i.e, the real, as contrasted with the Maya, or illusion). Pull it up also right in front of you (i.e., next to, or juxtaposed with, the fear energy).

Don’t try to combine the two energies; can’t be done. Nor do you want to have the two energies compete or battle in any way; you can’t win that one either. Just hold them both. Even though every circuit in your brain says they cannot be held in consciousness in the same moment. If one fades or pops out, bring it back, until you are once again holding the two paradoxical energies. Eventually, you will be able to hold the paradox. When you do, you lift out of the picture; you are no longer in the energies; you become the observer. When you achieve that state of the observer, you will realize that you are looking at creation (or at least the structure of creation). In that state of detachment and awe and wonder, you will (at least to some degree) pop out of the Polarity. No, it will not disappear, but you will no longer be assailed by it. It will just be. And you will feel strangely free (or at least more free).

Working from that place of freedom, find a Way between the poles of the Polarity. For me, if the Polarity I am contemplating is Fear and Love, my balance point – my way forward – is Trust. If the Polarity is Anger and Peace, my Way is Acceptance. If Sadness and Joy, my Way is Beauty.

(If the last one above – Beauty as the way forward from the Polarity of Sadness and Joy – seems counterintuitive to you, ponder Beauty a moment. There is an ineffable Beauty – a poignancy – in any sadness and even death. I surmise that this may be why so many of the most beautiful songs I can think of have a pronounced sadness to the story they tell.)

There is more. Trust, if embraced and pondered further, can lift to the Ecstasy of divine love – i.e., the very stuff of creation. Acceptance, similarly, can lift to Bliss. Beauty can lift to Rapture. Find your way to any of those three energies, and bask in them for even a moment, and you will find that you have (for the moment) lifted out of Polarity – and out of the density. Yes, Polarity will still be the stuff of density and of the physical plane. But somehow it will not trouble you quite so much as you go about your explorations and adventures here in Earth Game.

I would not pretend for a moment that I have this all figured out. Obviously, my explorations are preliminary. But there is something here worth exploring. It seems to me that the reward – the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow – will be a progressively achieved mastery of Polarity. And with it, a freedom from the tyrannies of Polarity that too often beset too many of our adventures here in Earth Game. I wish that freedom for you.