Earth Game and Horror Stories

Elon Musk was famously quoted as concluding that “we are most likely in a simulation”. The principal premise of Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness is that we are in fact avatars within a meticulously (and brilliantly) designed simulation / game / experiment.

One common, knee-jerk response to the above notion is to resist it by pointing to the horror-story realities that many players within “Earth Game” play out. Such a response is understandable. For anyone who has experienced or is experiencing unspeakable horrors, the notion of “Earth Game” may appear to add insult to injury. The inference (albeit an incorrect one) is that, in addition to having to deal with horrors, they must shoulder some sort of blame for authoring or co-authoring those horrors within their personal version of Earth Game. Of course, blame as such is not in any way a valid or useful concept within Earth Game. But again, the response is understandable.

Beyond the above misdirection, there remains a legitimate question: why do so many experience horror-story realities? In Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness, this author framed that question in terms of “So why isn’t this easier?” The various answers posited in the course of that discussion included the following:

  • The best games always involve a high level of challenge or difficulty.
  • Challenge presents opportunities for evolutionary growth.
  • We are not (yet) collectively adept at mastering our operating system within Earth Game – i.e., mastering our thoughts.
  • The experiment of combining untrammeled free will with the density of the physical plane may have gotten a little out of hand (as experiments sometimes do).

But, as I ponder the array of horror-themed movies during this Halloween season, another line of explanation now seems to me worth adding to the above.

In response to the question of why some (and too many) lifetimes are horror stories, I pose this question: have you ever voluntarily watched a horror movie? The vast majority would answer yes to that question. Many have watched many horror movies. Many love watching horror movies. Why is that so?

Well, let’s look at the big picture here. When you are watching a horror movie, you can know with certainty each of the following:

  • It is only a movie; you are not actually at any personal risk.
  • The movie will create something of a rush in the course of watching it.
  • The movie is only a short interval (perhaps 90-120 minutes) in the context of your lifetime.
  • When the movie is over, you will be just fine; other than perhaps a fitful sleep or bad dream, no harm done. You will resume being who you were before you temporarily aligned your identity with that of the protagonist in the movie.

In addition, in most horror movies, the protagonist actually makes it out alive, and comes out of the ordeal having achieved some valuable lesson or learning.

Now, let’s look at the parallels with a lifetime within “Earth Game”:

  • The “you” who imagined you into your present lifetime is not at any risk.
  • That “you” will experience with you the adventure to be lived within Earth Game.
  • In the context of the timeless eternity in which that “you” exists, the years invested in a particular lifetime within Earth Game are but a blink.
  • At the end of your adventure within Earth Game, you will absolutely come home to and re-merge with that “you”; nothing actually dies or is lost.
  • Whatever lessons or learnings you may achieve in the course of your Earth Game adventure, you bring those home with you.

As for the why of an Earth Game adventure descending into a horror story, sometimes that is merely a function of free will exercised poorly. Bad choices layered on bad decisions leading to cascading failures and more bad choices and bad decisions. Just like in horror movies; haven’t we all found ourselves yelling at the television screen “Noooo, don’t go in there!”? And they go in there! (You probably know people like that within Earth Game.)

In other lifetimes, the set-up may be more karmic. Not in the sense of punishment or anything like that; that is not what karma is about. But rather as the return to a previous decision, with a chance to make a different decision, so as to move beyond a stumbling block and recommence one’s forward progress and personal evolution. In the context of hundreds or thousands of physical lifetimes, the point and purpose of a particular lifetime may be to bring home a single learning or lesson – even if it comes at what would appear to us to be a high cost.

Yet another factor is “soul age”. Let me explain that in terms of “Theme Park Earth” as posited within Earth Game: The Evolution of Consciousness. For “young souls” (i.e., those relatively new to exploration of the physical plane), the thrill rides may be just the ticket. By analogy, think of roller coasters that flood you with adrenalin, accelerate your heartrate, and perhaps throw your stomach into disarray. Followed by, “Let’s go again!” (which you absolutely can do in Earth Game). In contrast, for “old souls” (i.e., those who have learned much about the physical plane in the course of many, many adventures), the thrill rides may not be the ticket. Rather, old souls may more likely be attracted to the gardens, the animals, the cultural displays, the music, the food options. “Theme Park Earth” has it all.

None of which is to be judged either way. But the young souls are perhaps more likely to create horror stories that, in time, they will learn from and move beyond. And, as noted above, they always make it “home” safe and sound.

As for old souls who wrap up their adventure and head home early, there can be various reasons for such a choice – too many to explore here, and none of which need be thought of as failure.

What can we learn from all this? Perhaps the most important point is that no one – no one – on the other side of the veil ever judges you or blames you for anything that happens during your adventure within Earth Game. So you can dispense with all that. Wherever you find yourself – be it metaphorical tilt-a-whirl or wine bar with jazz music – live the adventure. Know that you, as avatar, will make it home safe and sound.

And maybe, just maybe, set your sights on an adventure within Earth Game that is not at all a horror story, but rather a joy-filled romantic comedy loaded up with love and laughter and happily ever after.

Whenever you are reading this, Happy Halloween to you.