ABCs of Metaphysics

Do you have a friend who may think you are a bit off your rocker because of your interest in things metaphysical? Or perhaps you are the friend who thinks someone you know may be stirring the crazy pot? Either way, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a “primer” somewhere that encapsulates in a really short article what all the metaphysical fuss is about? Better yet, one that explains it all in a way that makes it easy to understand. I have yet to come across such a primer, so I will attempt one here.

The good news here, in terms of simplicity, is that every true spiritual path, once the lexicon is decoded, leads to the same fundamental precepts. Yes, there is a mountain to climb, but just the one.

For purposes of this primer, I will avoid references to anything that might sound “woo-woo”, e.g., “Ascension to Galactic Crystalline Cosmic Consciousness Codes as channeled by the Archangel Metatron and the Pleiadeans”. Just the facts, ma’am.

So, as a test of Einstein’s famous quote about understanding a subject matter, I will attempt here to explain metaphysics “to my grandmother”.

By “metaphysics”, I refer here to the nature of our reality beyond what we can discern with our five physical senses and our physical measuring devices. Metaphysics means beyond physics – or at least beyond classical (i.e., Newtonian) physics and even beyond Einstein’s relativity. (Think of quantum physics as a bridge of sorts.) Put another way, metaphysics is about reality beyond what is (or at least appears to be) physical matter. In terms of a dichotomy of spirit and matter, metaphysics is about spirituality.

I will use “God” here to describe whoever caused the “Big Bang” that got the ball rolling here. If you prefer, you can swap that out for “Consciousness” or the “Creator”.

Here, I suggest, are the basic principles of metaphysics, as well as the foundational precepts of any true spiritual path. To best serve as a “primer”, I have structured this as ten fundamental questions that one might reasonably ask, each duly answered.

Who am I?

You are an itty-bitty piece of God, having an adventure.

Where am I?

Your adventure is taking place within an exquisitely designed reality that is – or at least appears to be – limited to three dimensions of space one of time. To be sure, there is a lot more going on here than that, but the physical “you” is mostly limited to experiencing it through your physical senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

Why am I here?

Your adventure here within “Earth Game” is part science experiment and part joyride. For the purposes of the experiment and to enhance your adventure here, you come in not remembering who you really are and with the illusion that you are separate from everyone and everything else – including God. Beyond the amnesia and the illusions programmed into Earth Game, everyone and everything (including planet Earth) are all part of a singular Consciousness. The purpose of pretending to be separate from all-that-is is the individuated adventures and explorations to be undertaken here.

How did I get here?

There is a “you” – also a part of Consciousness, but far less limited than the physical you – that spun off part of themselves to be you within Earth Game. You are their avatar here. They have also spun off other parts of themselves; those are your “past lives”. If you have had many, many past lives, you may think of yourself as an “old soul”. Since learning from past lives tends to leak into your present life, that may make you more aware of what is going on here. If you are a relative newbie here (a “young soul”), you may understandably be more fully amnesiac and thus more clueless.

Incidentally, your current lifetime was planned and designed in considerable detail. You – that is, the Higher Self you on the other side of the veil – made a lot of very deliberate choices before you entered through the birth canal. You chose your parents and other individuals who would play a significant role in your life. You chose your time and place of birth (and thus your astrological profile), your talents and gifts, your physical characteristics, and much more.

What are the rules here?

The #1 rule – the “prime directive”, effectively, is free will. You get to make choices and decisions. You choose your own adventure. Even if you make poor choices and bad decisions that make your experience here more ordeal than adventure. Nobody on the “other side” will ever judge you for that. (Humans tend to be judgy as hell; God is not.)

Another set of rules is the laws of physics. Rocks are hard, water is wet, you can’t fly like a bird.

Your “operating system” is your thoughts. Thoughts have impact; as hinted at by quantum physics, your own consciousness directly impacts the game.

Over time, your life will take on the quality of your thoughts. You can tell the quality of your thoughts, in real time, by the feelings they generate. Fill your life up with thoughts of joy and love and peace, and that is where you will end up. Fill your life up with fear thoughts and angry thoughts, and you won’t like where that goes.

What should I be trying to do?

Don’t forget the “joyride” part! Enjoy “Theme Park Earth” – every sunset, every favorite song, every kiss; love it all. Enjoy mountains and oceans and trees and flowers and skiing and surfing and hockey and puppies and kittens and falling in love. And look for connection everywhere.

As for the science experiment part, that will find you. Just keep saying yes as it does find you.

If your eyes are wide open, you may become aware there is another level to this game here on Earth. You can start to access that level – again, with all things “quantum” as a bridge – so that the limitations of time and space begin to fall away. You want that “next level”. I don’t have a map for getting there, but I feel called to make one and share it when I do.

Why is life sometimes so hard?

There are many reasons. Here is a brief encapsulation:

  • We come in with both amnesia and (karmic) baggage.
  • Our brains are designed to be taken in by illusions about how this world works. When one doesn’t know how the game actually works, one’s efforts can be mostly counterproductive.
  • By design, “Earth Game” involves challenge, which fosters growth; it wasn’t supposed to be easy.
  • “Earth Game” likely looks easier in the planning stage, i.e., on the other side of “the veil”; some lifetimes may bite off more than one can chew. And, we can’t see the bigger picture, where one small step forward may be the point and purpose of a particular lifetime.
  • In the “growing pains” of a relatively short period of civilization on Earth, humans dug a few holes through free will exercised inhumanely. From our present standpoint, we can see the horrors of humanity’s checkered past better than we can see the progress being made – and the progress we are about to make.
  • We tend not to be particularly adept with the “operating system” – i.e., choosing our thoughts wisely and well.

How much trouble are we in here?

No worries; really. Collectively, we are on our way. For humanity, the worst is behind us. The future is bright; an emerging “unity consciousness” will eventually prevail. And, by the way, the Earth will be just fine. (We might usefully lose the obsession with dystopian futures.)

Yes, there are some “clean-ups” that will take some time, but it is now clear that humanity will make it to the “next level”.

Tell me more about this “next level”?

Here in what I call “Earth Game”, we are in the midst of something big and, for Earth, unprecedented.

Earth Game is not the first and not the only playing field for Consciousness. But it is a particularly interesting one, because we are collectively in the process of transitioning to the next level of the game. That next level involves greater awareness and commensurately greater abilities. In the “next level”, we will find our way to the following:

  • As amnesia falls away and we remember who we really are, connectedness and compassion will blossom, and with that, a more peaceful and cooperative world will emerge.
  • As we stretch beyond the limitations of four-dimensional Spacetime, greater knowing and enhanced perception will become available. The great divide between spirit and matter will cease to be.
  • Quantum technologies will lead to greater abundance in every aspect of our lives.
  • Better health (through self-healing, more so than technology), and longer lifespans, will become available to us.

What happens when I die?

You go home. When your time here in Earth Game is over – i.e., when you die – you will return and re-merge with the greater “you” who sent you here. No, it won’t hurt; think of it as the movie ending and you leave the theatre and head home. You will not be judged or rated or assessed by anyone; you certainly will not be subject to condemnation to any sort of hell or purgatory or whatever. However, the amnesia will be gone and you will remember your connection to God and to all-that-is. From that perspective, you will reflect a bit (and celebrate a bit) on the lifetime you have completed – while seeing perhaps for the first time many serendipities and synchronicities that in fact were the brilliant workings of the Universe. Most likely, you (i.e., the greater “you”, with whom you will have been reunited) will eagerly jump into the business of planning your next adventure – i.e., your next physical lifetime – here within “Earth Game”.

There you have it. Of course, there is so much more to be explored. But not in a “primer”. I’ve left out the “history” of how Earth was designed, developed, and “seeded” – and the role of extraterrestrial civilizations in that process. And, I’ve only scratched the surface of the “next level” that we will begin to explore as we individually and then collectively “go quantum”.

To conclude, let me return to the first question above, and ask you this: do you have a concept that feels better than being “a piece of God having an adventure”? Surely that is more comforting than the notion that you are an unexplainable fluke of existence within a senseless and godless expanse. And certainly it is preferable to the notion that you were created for sport-judging by a God in the nature of a Supreme Vengeful Judgypants.

Be in awe of the design of this adventure. Celebrate the gift that life is; love it, revel in it. Be determined to develop what mastery you can. Even if sometimes life can seem too hard.

And, perhaps, let your imagination play a bit with the notion of a next level.